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Be the logistics compass for customers

Be the logistics compass for customers

Polly Sunny Worldwide Logistics 2022-03-31 15:16:26

Dear logistics partners, recalling the experience of cooperation with customers, can you talk about it for three days and three nights?


The following is the tone of Sunny Worldwide Logistics sales to tell their service story, the first is our beautiful girl Jim.


Be the logistics compass for customers, Sunny Worldwide Logistics

The collaboration with Jeroen started in 2019. At that time, Jeroen said that he only had 1CBM of goods, but there were more than a dozen suppliers who needed to arrange the collection of goods. Because the quantity was too small, no other forwarder was willing to arrange it. He asked me if I would like to help him arrange transportation. My answer is yes, because Sunny Worldwide Logistics can not only help customers arrange transportation, but also have a warehouse of 2300 square meters, which can help customers complete the transportation after collecting goods from multiple suppliers.


The customer's goods are shipped to the Amazon warehouse in the UK, so it is necessary to arrange pallet transportation and delivery to the warehouse. European warehouses have very strict requirements for pallets: the size of the pallet must be 1.2*1M, the height cannot exceed 1.8M, the pallets need to be free of fumigation or after fumigation, the pallets have EPAL and EUR certification stamps, and the goods must be wrapped when wrapping. The bottom of the pallet is also fully wrapped so that it will not be rejected by Amazon. Based on our professionalism in European Amazon warehouses, we can give customers shipping plans and suggestions in a timely manner, so the first shipment of customers' transportation is very smooth and the sales are completed quickly.


After that, the customer had the second/third/fourth return order. The fifth time was due to the peak shipping season approaching Christmas, and the freight increased. The customer said that the budget was limited and found another freight forwarder with a very cheap price. Although I have persuaded customers, because the peak season is approaching, sea freight generally rises, and there will not be very cheap channels at this time, but customers still choose other freight forwarders due to price reasons.


A month later, Jeroen came to me for help. He said that other forwarders have been delayed in delivering the goods after receiving them, and their prices have been increasing, which not only seriously delayed his delivery, but also incurred a lot of unnecessary extra costs. Therefore, I would like to remind customers here that although those particularly cheap channels can impress your heart, the final destination of the goods and the service of the other party are subject to research, so you need to choose carefully.


Within 30 minutes of receiving the customer's request for help, our team discussed this issue. The first was to get the contact information of the other party's forwarder. At the same time, we suggested that the customer arrange for the urgent goods to be shipped by air to make up for the goods on the shelves. Goods have been sold out, resulting in a decline in traffic. After getting the contact information of the freight forwarder, I kept calling and negotiating with him to get the customer's goods back, and on the day I got the goods, I arranged the delivery of the goods by air and sea to the warehouse. We successfully arranged customs declaration and made an appointment for warehousing at Amazon, took off on the third day, and arranged for expedited delivery after arriving at the airport on the fourth day. The goods by sea are also smoothly loaded into the container three days after entering the warehouse, and the ship sailed smoothly within a week after loading.


Fortunately, in the end, the customer's goods caught up with the peak sales season in time. The customer is very grateful for our help, because we are not only professional, but also can give the perfect solution within 30 minutes when encountering a problem, which is very helpful for the customer's experience. After that, customers are assured to entrust 100% of the goods to Sunny Worldwide Logistics. We have been cooperating for 4 years. His volume has been increasing, and our company has also been improving service quality. At the same time, Jeroen has been admiring us all the time and introduced us to many other clients.


Our aim is to serve every customer well, providing nanny care and transportation for the customer's goods. Choose Sunny Worldwide Logistics, and choose a logistics expert who can make you feel at ease.


Be the logistics compass for customers, Sunny Worldwide Logistics