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Service Story

  • Reading Month - Cognitive Awakening, change depends on cognition rather than self-control
    Release on2023-11-30
    Change relies on cognition rather than self-control Why are people born lazy? This book "Cognitive Awakening" will tell you the answer Come and find it with us...
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  • Another old Australian shipping customer returns the order
    Release on2023-11-28
    This time, as always, I found Jessy, a senior salesperson at Hongmingda Logistics, to help collect the New Year goods from the warehouse in Shenzhen, China, and send them to Sydney, Australia....
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  • Sunny Worldwide Logistics provides real-time feedback on cargo status
    Release on2023-08-16
    In February 2023, Mike, a client in Washington, USA, purchased a batch of precious artworks in Shenzhen, China, and planned to airlift them from Shenzhen, China to Washington, USA for exhibition....
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  • One has two, Sunny Worldwide Logistics provides customized solutions
    Release on2023-07-27
    Lisa, a Russian customer who followed up for 10 hours, finally decided on the final transportation plan. At the beginning, he asked me to help him find the FCL service from Guangzhou to Rostov-on-Don, Russia, which needs to go to this inland point instead of the nearest port....
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  • The Philippines collects goods and looks for Sunny Worldwide Logistics
    Release on2023-07-21
    On June 8, 2023, a customer from the Philippines who collected goods found me online. He said that he was very distressed. Originally, he needed to find a logistics company for the collection service in the Philippines. He wanted to find two suppliers of different products and needed two factories. The distance is not very far, because he wants the Philippines to collect goods in one container for shipment. He found two excellent suppliers, but the distance between the two suppliers was very far, which made him very distressed, and he didn't know how to arrange the shipment....
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  • Sunny Worldwide Logistics  has its own trailer team
    Release on2023-07-21
    On the morning of July 3rd, Mike, the supplier of my old American customer, asked me if there was a towing service. He was in urgent need of a good towing service. I told him that Sunny Worldwide Logistics has its own towing team, and its drivers have more than 10 years of driving experience. It is really difficult to find a few comparable ones in Shenzhen....
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  • One is two, Sunny Worldwide Logistics provides customized solutions
    Release on2023-07-05
    Sunny Worldwide Logistics can customize the transportation plan according to the customer's cargo information....
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  • Another supplier return order from an old Russian air freight customer
    Release on2023-06-27
    On May 11, 2023, my old Russian air freight customer found me. He said that he had a batch of coupling parts that he needed to use urgently. He still needed our Russian air freight service from Hongmingda Logistics, but the factory machine of her supplier was out of order. Yes, he is in a hurry to delay the delivery. Because he said that his factory is about to stop production and needs this batch of accessories to operate normally. Once the factory starts to stop production, it will cause very huge losses. Usually, the operation time of our Russian air freight service is generally at least 3-5 days from the time of pick-up to the arrival of the goods to the airport. But this time he needs express air service to arrive in 2 days....
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  • Sunny Worldwide Logistics is not late unless natural or man-made disasters occur, with a punctuality rate of 99%
    Release on2023-06-15
    For over 20 years, Sunny Worldwide Logistics has never been late, except for natural or man-made disasters. The punctuality rate is 99%, allowing customers to receive goods in a timely manner without worrying about delivery time....
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  • At the same time, it is difficult to find a second logistics company in China to complete the collection of 40 suppliers
    Release on2023-06-09
    Sunny Worldwide Logistics received an order from an Italian customer who asked us to collect goods from 40 suppliers within half a month, and then send the entire container to Italy. The shipment included a wide variety of commodities, from small to large, from light to heavy, from fragile to durable, in great variety and quantity. The customer requested that this shipment be shipped to Italy as soon as possible, as they need these goods to meet most of the market demand in Italy....
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  • The plane was about to take off and suddenly received a rejection notice from the airport that the packing did not fit
    Release on2023-06-06
    On January 9, 2023, Jim, a senior salesman of Hongmingda Logistics, received an air shipment from China to Australia. This air shipment was a batch of sporting goods purchased by an Australian company from China for a high school abroad. The school It should be received before the opening ceremony, and this batch of sporting goods should be put into the entire physical education teaching process of the school. In order to meet the time limit, the customer chose the air freight from China to Australia....
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  • Everything grows and lives up to the spring——the first experience of loading cabinets
    Release on2023-04-21
    Grain Rain is one of the twenty-four solar terms, which falls on April 19-21 in the Gregorian calendar every year. Grain Rain, as the last solar term in spring, means that the cold wave weather is basically over, the temperature rises faster, and the precipitation increases significantly, which is conducive to the growth of cereal crops....
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