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Good news for rail freight

Polly Sunny Worldwide Logistics 2022-03-23 18:11:40

Look what we found -



On Mar 20th, CCTV news reported the successful operation of the multimodal train from Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Kashi to Central Asia and South Asia. It can be seen that China attaches great importance to the logistics and transportation support work required for "going out", which is related to the urban and rural areas of the Third Eurasian Continental Bridge. Economic development and the construction of One Belt One Road.


Sunny Worldwide Logistics participated in the project promotion and operation of test trains and official trains throughout the whole process.


Long before this report, Sunny Worldwide Logistics has operated and executed several trains to Central Asia and South Asia, which together with sea and air transportation has become another business advantage of our company.


Good news for rail freight, Sunny Worldwide Logistics


Alice Yang, chairman of Sunny Worldwide Logistics, and staff personally went to Yantian starting station to guide the work. With ardent expectations, the first train finally departed smoothly.


Good news for rail freight, Sunny Worldwide Logistics


Good news for rail freight, Sunny Worldwide Logistics


In addition, in order to have a more intuitive understanding of the transportation work of multimodal trains, our company dispatched staff to Kashi to visit and study systematically, so as to bring deeper services to the needs of our customers in the future.


Good news for rail freight, Sunny Worldwide Logistics


In Kashi, it will arrive in Central Asia after receiving goods, Covid test, disinfection, tally declaration, queuing, transportation, and inspection and release.


This train passes through Pingyan, Zengcheng West-Kashgar-Central Asia (Tashkent, Bishkek) railway and truck line, and only needs "one declaration, one inspection, one release" to complete the entire transportation process.


We are happy for the development of China's sea-rail intermodal transport and proud to be able to participate in such a historic moment. In the future, it will be more and more punctual and fixed, and our customers will have more choices and solutions. Sunny Worldwide Logistics is willing to do its part for all cargo owners!