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It has been 20 years since I started my business. Early this morning, there was a message from the customer on WeChat: "Ms.Alice, you really take care of our cargo more than us. I want to thank you again and again, you did a lot for my cargoes...", my heart surging up a warm current,when I see the short words.


I am indeed an introverted and inarticulate person. My husband once joked that people like me who are too kind are almost extinct on earth. In fact, a lot of character traits are from my parents, because of their diligence, kindness, integrity and courage. I've been helping my family with farm work, since I can remember.


After university graduation, I returned to the provincial capital of Shanxi taiyuan, and picked up the eyes of my parents iron rice bowl (It means I no longer worry about finding a job). Because there is too much difference between the ivory tower school life and the reality, I chose to go to Shenzhen to work, and determined to break out of a small world of mine.


After years of hard work, I finally had some savings. With the help of my husband, I founded "Sunny Worldwide Logistics co., Ltd." Over the past 20 years, we have served tens of thousands of large and small customers, many customers keep cooperating with us. once I asked one of my VIP customer, manager Wang of Guangzhou Zhongzhihao company, why did you cooperate with us for so long time? He said our good service, willing to think for the customer, willing to suffer losses, willing to do things by heart, and he feel very comfortable to cooperate with us, "take care of the cargo more than the owner" has been our core service concept.



Logistics is a very important link in international trade, the delay of logistics will cause the delay of customer delivery. There are even customer claims.I remember that the Dongguan Changsheng furniture factory had 2X40HQ containers to be shipped very urgently. the custom clearance time is 12:00am the next day. At that time, the driver was required to arrive at the factory at 2:00am. In order to get the driver to the factory on time, we arranged the driver to arrive at the factory at 12:00pm.Due to quality problems, the factory did not load the container until 6:00 am. After finished the loading, we got the correct loading information and made the relative custom clearance documents at once. when the driver takes the high speed to come back, we arranged the custom clearance timely. In order to catch up this vessel, we even applied the late come from the carrier. Our three colleagues worked together and followed up each step. Finally, we delivered the release slip to the carrier before 12:00am, and 2X40HQ containers were successfully boarded. The factory owner was so touched that he called us to confirm and showed sincere thanks for our service.


Every time I help the customer to solve the logistics problem, the customer's cargoes smoothly shipped, I feel a sense of accomplishment, and the customer's affirmation and repeat orders, is to encourage us to move forward.


We have a foreign customer in Guangzhou who once entrusted us to arrange 3X20 containers to Jeddah port in Saudi Arabia by the carrier of EVERGREEN, which was expected to arrive at the port about 16 days. But the customer was very anxious to feedback that the cargoes did not arrive at the port, what is most important is that the cargoes turned out to be special floor tiles for military bases in Saudi Arabia. At this point, both of us were like ants in a pan, I called and sent emails the carrier to find out where the containers had been shipped.


Generally, the carrier and the destination port carrier communicate by email, so the reply should be sent the next day. In order to shorten the time, while we were following up with the carrier in Shenzhen, we called the carrier in Saudi Arabia. After we explained the seriousness of the matter, the local dock immediately checked and found that 3x20 containers were not discharged and shipped to Singapore.The carrier promised that it would immediately arrange the fastest shipping back to Jeddah port as soon as the container arrived in Singapore. While we were feeding back the situation to the customer, we timely followed up with the carrier in Shenzhen, Saudi Arabia and Singapore and actively communicated with them. In the end, it took 28 days to arrive at Jeddah port. Although the customer was not satisfied at that time, But they saw our consistent and tenacious efforts throughout the whole process, and maybe our conscientious attitude was really commendable to the heartbreaking point. Instead of ending the cooperation, the client has been cooperating with us since 2004.


Our staff come from all over the country, although Sunny Worldwide logistics is not their real family, the staff who have been working for 5 ~ 13 years account for more than 50%. They buy a house, buy a car, get married and have children in Shenzhen. My husband and I treat them as our children. Be strict in work and help each other in life. It was my greatest pride in the first half of my life to let my staff take root in Shenzhen and buy a house and a car.


Ship your goods from Alice Yeung, from Sunny Worldwide Logistics, unless natural disaster there is no accident, because we take care of the cargo more than the owner.