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Matters needing attention in the arrangement of FCL trailers at Shenzhen Terminal

Polly Sunny Worldwide Logistics 2022-04-01 12:23:39

01 Shekou

Returning the container and opening the warehouse is 4 days before the ETB (including the day of the ETB), and the daily reservation time for the number release starts at 14:00 in the afternoon (if it is not tight, the driver could also reserve the queue number normally). Some appointments will be made during normal hours, while others will be made for the next day, depending on the driver's reservation order and waiting for the terminal to reply to the text message. (Speaking quietly: It is said that there are about 8,000 containers in Shekou every day, but the official announcement has not been made.)


02 Yantian

7 days before ETB (including the day of ETB) when the container is returned and the warehouse is opened, the limit is 12,000 pieces per day.


03 Reservation Rules

Regardless of Yantian or Shekou, if you reserve a license plate every day, you need to first hand over the container to the terminal before you can reserve the second container.


04 Built-in warehouse

Since the warehouse is a shared front of several chassis, in terms of appointment coordination, priority is given to the containers that have been loaded and not returned. For example, for the containers installed in the warehouse this morning, there is no guarantee that the return time will be made on the same day, because it is necessary to make an appointment for the container that has been installed and waiting to be returned, and then reserve the containers that are being loaded later.


05 Withholding Container Attention

Due to frequent changes in the ETB of the terminal, those that have not yet opened the port when the order cut-off time has arrived, need to do pre-loading container replenishment.


06 Customs Close

Due to the restrictions of the terminal ETB and the return reservation, the closing time is usually one day after the port opens. As a result, the appointment time for returning the container and the closing time may be at the same time, and it is necessary to apply for the cut-off in advance and the extension of the cut-off (recently, it is difficult to make an appointment for the containers mainly exported from Shekou). On the day of loading, follow up the customs declaration information in time, and apply for pre-declaration if necessary.


The above information is shared by the operation department of Sunny Worldwide Logistics Trailer Customs declaration, hoping to let everyone know the current situation of the trailer line. As an important part of transportation, the whole container trailer is still relatively difficult to return to the container, and the appointment number is not easy to make an appointment. Therefore, in this regard, we try our best to coordinate as many parties as possible, and insist on striving for smooth shipments for our customers!


Matters needing attention in the arrangement of FCL trailers at Shenzhen Terminal, Sunny Worldwide Logistics