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Latest Logistics Resource

  • Houthis: Will attack all ships! Freight rates soar to $10,000
    Release on2024-05-20
    According to CCTV, the leader of the Yemeni Houthi armed forces, Abdul Malik Houthi, said in a televised speech on the 16th that the organization will continue to expand the scope of its attacks and that all ships heading to Israeli ports will be targeted by the Houthi armed forces. Attack targets, these ships will be attacked wherever the Houthis have the capability to reach. He said the Houthis' move was an act of solidarity with the Palestinians....
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  • Blockbuster! The US announced tariffs on 14 categories of Chinese products! The Chinese side returned to M!
    Release on2024-05-17
    On May 14 local time, the US released the results of the four-year review of the Section 301 investigation, announcing that on the basis of the original Section 301 tariffs on China, it will further increase tariffs on electric vehicles, lithium batteries, photovoltaic cells, key minerals, semiconductors, steel and aluminum, port cranes, personal protective equipment and other products imported from China....
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  • $10,000! MSC takes the lead in launching guaranteed freight rates
    Release on2024-05-16
    Due to the May Day holiday, shipping companies implemented excessive reductions, reductions, and combinations of shifts, and the market cargo load was better than expected, resulting in full slots, and freight rates soared, and the slots were full before the end of May....
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  • Port crisis! Operations interrupted! Shipping giant urgently releases
    Release on2024-05-15
    The Truckers of Canada (TCRC), composed of more than 9,000 employees of Canadian National Railway (CN) and Canadian Pacific Kansas City (CPKC), announced on May 1 that its union members voted overwhelmingly to support the strike and that they would be the earliest to There will be a strike on May 22....
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  • “It’s impossible to grab a container!” A new wave of price increases will come in June!
    Release on2024-05-14
    As time goes by, the impact of deviations caused by the situation in the Red Sea continues to emerge. Recently, container freight rates have risen again, and freight forwarding companies generally report that the "lack of containers" problem is serious......
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  • Panama Canal traffic begins to recover! Will large reservoirs be built to cope with dry mornings?
    Release on2024-05-13
    On May 5, local time, the Panamanian Electoral Court announced that Mulino was elected as the new president of Panama....
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  • MSC finally
    Release on2024-05-13
    Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), the world's largest liner company, has officially hit back at the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission (FMC), disputing the unprecedented "staggering" fine....
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  • Freight rates hit new highs! Major shipping companies began to attack this route
    Release on2024-05-11
    Recently, freight rates on European lines have risen rapidly. Market tension and shipping company strategic adjustments have made it difficult to book space even if you pay high freight rates. The freight rate on the South American route has soared, especially the freight rate on the east side of South America has exceeded the US$10,000 mark. (View article: Nightmare! Freight rates soar to US$10,000! No matter how high the freight is, you can’t book a space)...
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  • burst! Another MSC container ship attacked?
    Release on2024-05-10
    According to CCTV news, on May 9 local time, Yahya Sarrea, a spokesman for the Houthi armed forces in Yemen, said in a televised speech that the Houthi armed forces attacked a number of ships related to Israel....
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  • Sudden! National strike! Port operations are disrupted!
    Release on2024-05-10
    On May 9, local time, Argentina’s largest labor union, the General Confederation of Labor, launched a nationwide strike to protest against the structural reforms implemented by the Milais government. Although the scale of this strike is not expected to be as large as the strike on January 24, during the strike, major economic activities throughout Argentina will be suspended for 24 hours, which will have a serious impact on all walks of life....
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  • Sudden! Two more MSC container ships hit by missiles
    Release on2024-05-09
    Less than a week after the crew of the "MSC Aries" was released by Iran, two container ships operated by Mediterranean Shipping MSC, the "MSC Gina" and the "MSC Diego", were once again attacked by missiles from the Houthi armed forces....
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  • Gradually recover! The Port of Baltimore finally has a container ship
    Release on2024-05-09
    On April 27, local time, a small container ship arrived at the port of Baltimore through a temporary channel, which is the first cargo ship to arrive at the port since the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed more than a month ago....
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