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Company Events

  • Sunny Worldwide Logistics Holiday notice for Qingming Festival in 2024
    Release on2024-04-02
    Shenzhen Sunny Worldwide Logistics holiday notice during the Qingming Festival in 2024 will be closed from April 4th to 6th, and will work normally on 7th, with early shipment arrangement, and the team will follow up normally during the holiday....
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  • Sunny Worldwide Logistics also does the chores for you. The Christmas gifts of Sydney customers are being inspected and packaged.
    Release on2023-11-28
    There are many little things that others may have thought of, but are unwilling to do. However, Hongmingda Logistics is willing to solve these small problems for you and make your life easier and more enjoyable. We believe that only by truly caring about our customers' needs can we win their trust and support....
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  • Thank you for working side by side with Sunny Worldwdie Logistics
    Release on2023-11-23
    It’s a long road, thanks for accompanying me Life is like a long journey, On this road, we meet different people Thank you for all the wonderful encounters Let’s get together at Sunny Worldwdie Logistics...
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  • Reading Month-There is only one thing in life
    Release on2023-10-24
    Reading a book every month seemed difficult at first, but everyone shared their reading insights with their friends and learned from each other, and unknowingly experienced the growth of reading....
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  • Door to door air delivery from China to Malaysia
    Release on2023-10-20
    Hongmingda Logistics has more than 26 years of international logistics experience. In our dedicated air freight logistics services from China to Malaysia, we not only have very favorable prices, but also can provide customers with more flexible services. Come and try a small order....
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  • Celebrate the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival with you
    Release on2023-09-25
    The company's Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays are from September 29th (Friday) to October 6th (Friday), a total of 8 days, and the company officially returns to work on October 7th (Saturday)....
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  • [Live Preview] Join hands with Alibaba's September Purchasing Festival, and the live broadcast will start on September 1!
    Release on2023-08-31
    Sunny Worldwide Logistics has participated in Alibaba's September Purchasing Festival and officially broadcast live on September 1st! There are a lot of benefits in this event, let you feast your eyes, and have the opportunity to directly receive super-value coupons!...
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  • Reading Month - Communicate with Love
    Release on2023-07-19
    Sunny Worldwide LogisticsThe June reading "Nonviolent Communication", this book allows us to personally experience and understand, in life...
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  • Sunny Worldwide Logistics clearly removes the blockbuster in transportation
    Release on2023-07-12
    Jack is a purchasing manager of a Australian Brisbane Trading Company. In May this year, he purchased a number of high -end electronic equipment in China. He chose the logistics A company to transport these high -end electronic equipment from Shenzhen, China to Australia's Brisbane.When communicating with Logistics A from Shenzhen, China to Australia's Brisbane time, everything is quite smooth, but the goods are in Bridbane, Australia.Customs clearance processThere was a problem in China, which caused the goods to be detained for 1 month and eventually returned to China....
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  • Sunny worldwide logistics, 26 years of professional qualification achievements
    Release on2023-07-12
    In May of this year, when American customer Jackson was looking for Logistics A company to transport a number of electronic equipment from Shenzhen, China to Los Angeles, China, these electronic devices were important production equipment for customer companies and needed to be transported from Shenzhen, China to Los Angeles, USA within the prescribed time.After receiving an order from the customer, Logistics A promised to transport the goods from Shenzhen, China to Los Angeles, USA on time....
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  • Guangdong College Entrance Examination List - There Are Candidates at Home
    Release on2023-06-29
    The college entrance examination is an important exam in a student's life, and it is also the most important challenge in life. The college entrance examination is not just an exam, but also a life experience and challenge. Whether it is success or failure, the college entrance examination will become an important experience in students' life, making them more mature and strong....
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  • Dragon Boat Festival, Chinese
    Release on2023-06-21
    The Dragon Boat Festival is one of the traditional Chinese festivals and an important part of Chinese culture. Every year on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, people celebrate this festival to commemorate the ancient patriotic poet Qu Yuan. On this special day, people will eat zongzi, race dragon boats, hang wormwood and other activities to express their respect for Qu Yuan and wish for safety and health....
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