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Who took over air cargo to Russia? It was her!

Polly Sunny Worldwide Logistics 2022-08-08 18:21:29

One of the many good news we reported last month was the successful first order of our new logistics girl, Elena. The freight market after the war is more difficult to ship, let's see how she took orders for Russian air freight services.


Who took over air cargo to Russia? It was her!


In early June this year, I received an inquiry from a Russian customer, Alex, who was referred by an old customer. Alex works for a local trading company in Moscow, mainly supplying a complete set of industrial equipment for procurement to related industries.


Alex found me because their company was looking for a reliable freight forwarder, and I had provided international shipping services to his colleague Igor before, which led to the opportunity for our cooperation.


The first email received from Alex expressed his needs: his goods were PTFE products, the supplier was in Ningbo, and they needed to be shipped from China to Moscow by air. After the goods were ready, they could be shipped in about a week. Since it was at night, I was also very grateful to receive his inquiry, introduced to him the information and advantages of our company, and told the customer that I would follow up with his consultation needs the next day.


After arriving at the company early the next morning, I sorted out the incomplete information of the customer one by one: what is the name of the specific PTFE product, ask him to provide the product picture; the supplier's address and phone number; and confirm with him whether it will be transported to Sheremetyevo International Airport (SVO), etc.


Received a reply from the customer on the same day, learned that the specific product is PTFE sealing ring and supplier information, and confirmed the delivery to SVO airport. I sorted out the information I collected as soon as possible. Due to the special circumstances of the international environment, I specifically confirmed the flight route to our commerce department and quoted the price for departure from Xi'an Xianyang Airport (XIY).


Sunny Worldwide Logistics operates in good reputation, with transparent prices and no hidden costs. After quoting the price, the client recognized my quotation plan very much, and also asked me if I could help him collect the goods. I just found out that he had 3 suppliers for this transportation, they were in Ningbo, Jinan and Xiamen.


In order to catch up with the departure date expected by the customer, I consulted the commerce department about the freight rates of other routes. Sunny Worldwide Logistics designs at least three logistics solutions for each cargo owner, saving more than 5% of the cost.


Judging from his cargo information, the cargo in Ningbo is more and heavier than the other two, so I suggested that he consolidated the cargo from the other two places to the Ningbo supplier, and then we would arrange the transportation for once, and change to depart from Beijing (PEK), which was cheaper. Alex listened my advice and thanked me for being so considerate for him, he sent me all the supplier contacts and let me handle the shipment.


After updating the shipping cost to Alex, we quickly reached a cooperation and his shipment arrived at Moscow SVO Airport at the expected time. During this period, I followed up the whole process and updated the status of the goods to customers in real time, so that customers could see the service strength of Sunny Worldwide Logistics.


As a new freight forwarder, I cherish every customer very much, and strive to make every shipment delivered to customers perfectly. At that time, it was not long after the Russian-Ukrainian war, and it was difficult for Russia to do customs clearance, but I thought this was an opportunity. I also deeply feel that as a freight forwarder, don't be afraid of difficulties, and help the customer solve his troubles, in order to gain the trust of the customer.


Who took over air cargo to Russia? It was her!


As a newcomer, Elena overcame difficulties and saw the opportunities and potential of the Russian market. Her initiative and professionalism will become her core competitiveness in the future, and there will be more space for development in an increasingly complex market. Let us look forward to it together!