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Textiles are to be exported to the United States, how to hand over a satisfactory answer sheet for customers?

Polly Sunny Worldwide Logistics 2022-08-18 16:10:44

Hello everyone, today is Elena's "Encore". If it is said that she went "boldly" in the Russian air transport, then today she is "cautious" in the US DDP channel of textiles.


In addition to the general freight services, Sunny Worldwide Logistics also has other additional services in order to facilitate the shipment of customers, such as collecting goods, palletizing, repacking, and making certificates of origin, etc., and tailor-made logistics solutions for customers to ensure the goods shipped efficiently.




When I received an inquiry from Susan, an American customer, I was both happy and worried.


I was happy because the US route is the advantageous route of Sunny Worldwide Logistics. The US enquiry transaction rate is as high as 80%, and we have our own first-hand agents in 50 states in the United States; I am worried because the customer's goods are textiles, and the US customs will inspect textiles that are exported from China strictly, which added difficulty to our work.


Susan is a local fabric wholesaler in the United States. She purchases textiles in China all year round, with an average of more than 40 purchases per year. She has certain import experience and needs to ship by DDP from Ningbo to New York. According to the cargo information she provided, I learned that she has 10 cubic meters of polyester fabric with a total weight of more than 3 tons. After delivery from the factory, I saw that the outer packaging was nylon polybags. Therefore, in addition to the particularity of the product, packaging is also a big problem.


After discussions in our team, we provide the most suitable solution to the customer and explain why we do it:


1. Due to the irregular shape of the outer packaging of the goods, and the oversize and overweight in size and weight of a single piece, warehouses in China and the United States will charge a lot of manual handling and difficult handling fees. After comparing the cost of palletizing and manual handling, I recommended that we might need to make pallets.


2. After the pallets were made, it can help customers save a lot of time whether it is domestic or foreign operations.


3. If the goods were transported in the form of pallets, it would guarantees the customer's goods and reduces the risk of wear and damage.


However, the pallet is different in each place, the weight budget is 30kg, the general size is: 120*110cm, and the height of the items cannot exceed 200cm. After the pallet is finished, the increased volume weight will increase the ocean freight accordingly. At that time, the supplier's goods were not ready, and it was impossible to predict how many pallets would be needed for the time being. I gave the customer two options:


1) Try to pack all the goods in 5 pallets, the price will be lower.

2) If option 1 is not feasible, the price will be doubled with 10 pallets.


Taking into account the client's budget cost, I told her that we would try to make 5 pallets and ask a master with relevant experience in the warehouse to help make it.


The customer agreed our plan and quotation and said that in order to control the cost, the only requirement is to try to make 5 pallets as much as possible. She also did not contradict us because of the increased shipping cost after the entrustment, but she was more assured of us. Because Sunny Worldwide Logistics operates in good faith, with transparent prices and no hidden costs, we can save customers' time and cost to the greatest extent.


The delivery time of this batch of goods is urgent, and many unforeseen problems have been encountered in the early stage. For example, when the goods are delivered to the warehouse on Saturday, they can be put into the warehouse normally. It happened that the warehouse moved to a new address on that day and the goods were not received. If it is sent back to the factory on the same day, a round trip will incur transportation and handling costs. In the event of an emergency, Sunny Worldwide Logistics would make an emergency plan within 30 minutes, so at that time, I urgently asked colleagues from the commerce department and the operation department to help contact another warehouse to receive the goods, avoiding the dispatch fee, and succeeding with the help of other departments finally.


As a freight forwarder, whether we encounter cargo problems or transportation problems, we all need the ability to deal with a variety of unexpected problems. Shippers, suppliers, and freight forwarders need to work together in order for the shipment to complete flawlessly. It also allowed me to learn a lot of communication skills with customers and suppliers and the handling of process operations, which was a "textbook" experience for me.



The more you know the expertise, the smoother the business will be, and the customers will become our long-term partners. Although we are in a traditional industry, we also need to think outside the box and think in many ways in order to promote the process of cooperation.


Quietly (bigly) quietly (soundly) to tell you that the last time Elena Russia's air freight customers are about to return their orders!