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How to choose a freight forwarder for a supplier with little export experience?

Polly Sunny Worldwide Logistics 2022-08-19 15:53:22

Suppliers who need to export, how to find a reliable company among the numerous freight forwarders? Chinese do not lie to Chinese, so how to identify the professionalism of a freight forwarder? The protagonist of today's story solves the above problems for you.


Sunny Worldwide Logistics focuses on door-to-door services in Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, and Southeast Asia. We are proficient in customs clearance, tax rates, efficient customs clearance and distribution in the United States, Europe, Australia and other countries, and comprehensively serves customers with import and export needs.



At the beginning of July, Mr. Gan learned about Sunny Worldwide Logistics from our platform and wanted to inquire about the price of DDP in the UK. Mr. Gan is a domestic supplier, mainly engaged in the design and sales of exhibition equipment, etc. Most of the products are used in domestic trade. The goods exported this time are about 12 cubic meters, and the goods are in Dongguan.


Forwarders need to know specific cargo information in order to provide accurate quotations based on the information. There are many kinds of materials for showcases, depending on whether commodity inspection is required, and the HS codes corresponding to different materials are also different. Only by confirming clearly can we reduce false positives, and avoid inconsistencies in tariffs during the declaration and customs clearance process, or even inspection or deletion of orders and re-declaration and other problems.


In the goods information provided by the supplier, the material of the showcase was plywood, but some goods are more than 3 meters in length and overweight, so the DDP channel could not work. I suggested that the supplier ship by the general channels, and after checking the price, quote the price from Shenzhen to Felixstowe to him, and tell him that after confirming the shipment, let us know in advance to arrange the booking of the nearest shipping date.


Since the supplier was not familiar with the requirements for exporting to the UK, he still did not understand some issues, so we immediately had a direct telephone communication. Confirmed the specific information of the goods with him one by one: whether the products were charged or branded; whether to declare customs with documents or pay for customs declaration; whether to do FOB or EXW terms; whether the consignee has EORI and TAX; factory address and goods ready time, etc.


Later, when the shipment was confirmed and the quotation was updated, the supplier gave us a list of all the material components, including plywood, tempered glass, light sources, etc., and the tempered glass needed to be packaged separately, so I found out that there were some more materials that were not mentioned before. After confirming that the product could be shipped, I re-updated the price to him. With this little episode in the middle, I felt more deeply that we need to assist suppliers to verify the properties and categories of goods in advance, so as to facilitate the smooth communication between the two parties.


The supplier confirmed the freight, and the warehouse needed to review the cargo information after booking the cargo before arranging delivery to the warehouse. However, the supplier's goods were not ready at that time. In order to allow this batch of goods to enter the warehouse smoothly and avoid delaying the shipping schedule, I contacted the supplier to send the goods to the warehouse as soon as possible. We received the photos and data of the goods the day before the closing date. I also asked the operation department to help confirm with the warehouse. Finally, the warehouse was delivered into the warehouse after the inspection and approval on the closing day.


Although there were twists and turns in the communication process, thanks to the cooperation and trust of the suppliers, the first cooperation was opened, and I personally ushered in another growth. To be honest, when I received the call, I was a little panicked, but as long as I calmly talked about the details of the shipment and the parts that need to be paid attention to to avoid, the customers also deeply felt our professionalism and reliability.


How to choose a freight forwarder for a supplier with little export experience? Sunny Worldwide Logistics

Sunny Worldwide Logistics has more than 20 years of freight forwarding history. The average working experience of employees is 5-13 years. New employees will also undergo systematic training. With the cooperation of various departments, each batch of goods will be transported with the best solution.


Our customers are not only from abroad, but also many suppliers and factories who have export needs will find international freight forwarders, but at the same time they have doubts about freight forwarding. We believe that the cooperation between customers and us starts with professionalism and will end professionally in the end.