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Customers are price-sensitive, why do they still ship with Sunny Worldwide Logistics?

Customers are price-sensitive, why do they still ship with Sunny Worldwide Logistics?

Polly Sunny Worldwide Logistics 2022-08-12 18:33:16

The customers in today's story are more sensitive to price and service.


Now the international freight market prices are quite transparent. In addition to fully considering customer needs and saving costs for customers, we also need to show our professional advantages in the field of freight forwarding. No matter how difficult to communicate with customers, they will be convinced by the service that goes deep into their hearts.




In March this year, I received an inquiry from Sara, an Australian customer, and learned about her situation. Sara is responsible for the procurement of mobile phone accessories in the company. The goods are already ready, about 36 cubic meters, and they need the price of door to door in Sydney. For this shipment, the customer went to the market to compare prices. It can be seen that it is a customer who is very sensitive to price and has high service requirements.


Sunny Worldwide Logistics door-to-door service channels are stable and mature, and customers can reduce worry and trouble; at the same time, we can offer at least three logistics solutions for each cargo owner, saving more than 5% of the cost.


I offer three options based on her cargo information and delivery address:


1) A 20GP container + bulk cargo


2) All bulk cargo


3) A 40GP container


After I gave the plan, the customer said that she worked with another forwarder, but also said that she would consider our service next time. For the four months through July, I contacted Sara from time to time to update her as soon as there was a special offer, so that she could factor in the cost when she had a shipping plan.


At the beginning of July, the customer took the initiative to send me a message. She happened to have a batch of goods. She needed a 20GP container and collected the goods from 4 suppliers, and she wanted to know our company's price. Unfortunately, after the quotation, the customer still did not cooperate with me. Judging from these two conversations, I knew that winning this customer's heart was not an easy task, and I couldn't help but wonder why the customer didn't cooperate with me twice.


I messaged the customer to find out the real reason she didn't choose us. Is there already a long-term cooperated freight forwarder? Is our price not matching her budget?Or still don't trust us enough? But the customer did not respond to this.


According to the characteristics and actual needs of her goods, to make the goods transport more smoothly, I listed some additional services that our company can provide to the customer, like:


1) We have rich experience in collecting goods. She has four suppliers. After collecting the goods, we can help her organize the goods information of each supplier. Many customers are very satisfied with our service;


2) For customers who are unfamiliar with imports, we can also help to make certificates of origin and reduce tariffs;


3) Pay attention to the status of the goods more than the owner, supervise the first-line on-site loading, and real-time tracking feedback of the whole node.


Maybe these services caught the customer's attention and asked her to take the initiative to contact me. She saw my sincerity in wanting to cooperate with her and called me to communicate.


She asked if there is any discount on the price if she works with me and stressed that there should be no extra charges. In this regard, customers can rest assured that Sunny Worldwide Logistics operates in good faith, with transparent prices and no hidden costs. She was also able to accept the quotation I offered, and asked when the fastest time to book the space. We have established long-term cooperative relations with world-renowned shipping companies, and the space is stable. After the customer's confirmation, we successfully booked the space for the customer on the same day.


After so many times of communication, I realized that the customer finally came to me not on a whim, but the result of our advantages and characteristics that have been deepened in the customer's impression. I am very happy to receive this customer's order, and hope that we will have more opportunities for cooperation in the future.


Customers are price-sensitive, why do they still ship with Sunny Worldwide Logistics?

(Supervise the installation in person)


The process of developing customers for Vina has gone through more than 4 months. The communication record is always more on the right side than the left side. During this period, it has not been discouraged after hitting a wall many times. She also asked the seniors around her how to make a suitable transportation plan according to the situation of this customer. The hard work paid off, and finally got positive feedback.


Australia, as one of the advantageous routes of Sunny Worldwide Logistics, we focus on the needs of customers, connect with continuously deepening resources, and help customers obtain a cost-effective freight experience.