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Save transportation costs and solve problems for customers

Polly Sunny Worldwide Logistics 2022-04-08 12:22:07

The second person to tell you a service story is Kyrie. Sunny Worldwide Logistics has been focusing on door-to-door services in Canada and the United States for more than ten years. We customize three logistics solutions according to the different needs of customers, saving more than 5% of the cost. Kyrie is precisely guided by the needs and pain points of customers, and has become the best choice for customers.


Save transportation costs and solve problems for customers, Sunny Worldwide Logistics



In June 2021, an inquiry from a Canadian customer was received on the company's platform. The inquiry information is 4*40HQ, the products are packaging bags, and the customer needs door-to-door service from Shenzhen to Toronto, Canada. At the same time, the suppliers are in total of 5, which are located in different factories in Huizhou City and Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province.


Since the suppliers are scattered, we first need to know the goods information corresponding to each supplier, such as product name, volume, weight, factory address, so as to know which solution is more cost-effective to use. After communicating with the customer what information we need and the benefits to him, the customer understandably gave me the contact information of the supplier.


I contacted all the suppliers and found out that the customer's goods had already been ready in the factory in February, but due to the rising freight costs, the customer had been waiting to see and wait for the freight costs to come down before making arrangements. The result is that the more you wait, the higher the shipping cost, which has far exceeded that in February. So the customer was also anxious, suppliers were also anxious. The customer's products are fast-moving consumer goods, and they are profitable as early as one day. In the factory, the volume of goods is too large, occupying a lot of space in their warehouses, and other customers' goods have no place to store them. Therefore, both sides are in a state of emergency for shipments.


After understanding the customer's needs and pain points, we know that the customer's cost control is the first. Sunny Worldwide Logistics designs three logistics solutions for each cargo owner, saving more than 5% of the cost. Therefore, when I inquired with the Commerce Department, I specifically emphasized the need for a good 40HQ price from Shenzhen to Toronto, and the need to collect goods in the warehouse, that is, to send the goods from 5 suppliers to our warehouse for consolidation and interior loading. Sunny Worldwide Logistics has its own warehouse of 2300 square meters, which can help customers receive goods, collect goods and then transport them uniformly.


We are a freight forwarding company independently contracted by ZIM and YML shipping companies, so we have better space and price guarantees than other agents in the market. Soon we received the ZIM price of 4*40HQ and quoted it to the customer. He was very satisfied and asked us to book it immediately. At the same time, he asked if we could do customs clearance and delivery services in Canada. This is of course no problem, as we have been specializing in door-to-door services in Canada and the United States for over a decade. We have formed a fixed and long-term cooperative relationship with several customs brokers and trailer agents in the United States and Canada, so the price and service reputation have always been very good.


In this way, we helped this customer to arrange the 4*40HQ door-to-door DDU service, including customs clearance in Canada. The customer only needs to pay the import tax for the customs product.


The customer received the goods at the beginning of August, and praised our timeliness and service. He also said that he recognized us as his designated freight forwarder, and all future goods should be arranged with us.


I am very grateful to my customers, it is your support and recognition that allows us to achieve each other.


Sunny Worldwide Logistics, we are willing to use our more than 20 years of freight forwarding experience to ensure your shipments smooth and let you focus on your product orders. As for the logistics, let us take care of you.


Save transportation costs and solve problems for customers, Sunny Worldwide Logistics


The enthusiasm for freight service has made us what we are today, and the serious and responsible attitude towards customers has maintained long-term cooperative relations. In the future, Sunny Worldwide Logistics will continue to uphold our philosophy and bring better service experience to customers.