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Sunny Worldwide Logistics has its own trailer team

Elena Sunny Worldwide Logistics 2023-07-21 15:41:52

7moon3No. AM, Supplier of my old US customer Mike ask me if there is towing service , he urgently needs good service towing service , His customer's goods have tight timeliness requirements, and they need to set a good time to pick up the goods. I told him that Hongmingda Logistics own trailer team ,driver10It is really difficult to find a few comparable ones in Shenzhen if you have more than one year of driving experience.

My regular customers in the US have fixed shipments every month, so I talk to suppliersMikeWe have cooperated many times, and the cooperation between us is very tacit. He has repeatedly reported that my service is good, but because his company and customers are doingEXWterms, so we did not seek cooperation. This time his client signed with himFOBterms, required towing service , come to me soon. His goods are relatively large and heavy, and there is no one in the warehouse to help unload them, and he needs to send them to the warehouse. it's normal towing service It's not the same. There are very few drivers who are willing to take orders in such a situation, but if he finds us, he finds the right one. We own trailer team ,driver10Over 10 years of driving experience , very professional, and we can also provide additional services as needed.

After knowing his needs, I quickly prepared towing service plan, MikeVery happy with my speed and agree with my towing service plan, we completed it that afternoon towing service of Pick up the goods, arranged for the next morning9Order delivery to the destination warehouse. We have communicated with the driver and the two staff members who need to take the goods to unload. towing service . that night10point aroundMikeCall me and tell me things have changed, towing service The receiving warehouse said the next morning9Order their warehouse to load the cabinets until the afternoon.

The location of the warehouse entrance is small, only enough for one car to go. Our next day towing service The delivery time needs to be changed, originally this time towing service deliver goods It can be completed on the same day. In order to meet the customer's time, the car has been pressed for one night. Now that the situation has changed again, I quickly provided the customer with two plans.1: The driver took the unloading staff and went to the warehouse in advance in the morning.9Arrive before the point and complete unloading, plan2: After the warehouse loading is completed, we will deliver the goods to the warehouse. The result obtained isMikeI chose the second option. This operation will cause our driver to be unable to deliver other goods the next day. We towing service It can still meet the needs of customers and quickly adjust the plan, which few colleagues can do.

Mikeprovided to me towing service He is very satisfied. He said that before cooperating with me, he had cooperated with other companies. Our price is not as low as others, but he believes that the value for money is excellent, and he has experienced the principle that you get what you pay for. When he was cooperating with other companies, he couldn't find anyone to solve the problem, which made him burnt out, and it was very worry-free and labor-saving to cooperate with me.

Sunny Worldwide Logistics own trailer team ,driver10It is really difficult to find a few comparable ones in Shenzhen if you have more than one year of driving experience. So why are you still hesitating, come and place an order and experience this high-quality service! !