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The Philippines collects goods and looks for Sunny Worldwide Logistics

Elena Sunny Worldwide Logistics 2023-07-21 15:48:47

2023YeAr6moon8day one Collection in the Philippines The customer found me through the Internet, he said he was very distressed, originally he needed to find Collection in the Philippines For a logistics company that serves, he wants to find two suppliers of different products, and the distance Between the two factories should not be very far, because he wants Collection in the Philippines Concentrated in one container for shipment. He found two excellent suppliers, but the distance between the two suppliers was very far, which made him very distressed, and he didn't know how to arrange the shipment.


After I understood his specific situation, I immediately helped him formulate a plan that could meet his needs. Collection in the Philippines Shipping plan:

He hasA,BThe volume of the two factories is divided into half, butAThe goods in the factory will be heavy and there are some bulk goods, whileBThe factory's goods are bubble goods, which are relatively light and are all carton goods. After confirming the delivery time of the two factories, I choose the distanceAThe nearest port of the factory, according to the confirmation of the earliest loading time, choose a suitable search Collection in the Philippines Scheduled ship. according to Collection in the Philippines The time for loading cabinets should be arranged in advanceBThe goods from the factory were transported just in time for loadingAfactory togetherAThe factory completes the cabinet loading. The advantage of doing this isBThe goods from the factory can be directly unloaded and put into the cabinet without unloading first.AThe warehouse of the factory is pulled out and loaded into the cabinet, which saves one time Collection in the Philippines of Loading and unloading fees avoid the risk of cargo damage and loss. andAThe factory agreed to pack the cabinets together in her factory, which saved customers Collection in the Philippines Warehouse loading fee. At the same time, because there is no need to go to the warehouse for installation, it saves a lot Collection in the Philippines time. we are atAThe factory closes the order on the day of loading,3Sailing a day later is equivalent toAThe fastest sailing time is calculated from the day when the factory goods are ready.


this Collection in the Philippines The customers are very satisfied with the plan, which saves time and cost. He immediately chose this Collection in the Philippines program, he said he was finally relieved and thanked me for my professional and timely service.


Sunny Worldwide Logistics All the shipping companies with better service in the corresponding routes are selected for customers to provide customers with stable logistics services. My customers are all customers who demand quality. They know that you get what you pay for. While controlling the quality, I can save costs for the customers. I always plan carefully for the customers. This is something that only experienced old businesses can do, and not many peers can do it. this Collection in the Philippines The customer is one of my many customers who collect goods. Since the end of this shipment, he is very satisfied with my service and never left.


I have many customers, when they met me, it was not the first time to purchase in China, either the previous forwarder had hidden prices, or the previous forwarder service was very bad The service promised at the beginning was not right for his channel. This kind of situation is very common in the logistics industry. After all, there are many freight forwarders in the market now. Two or three people start working in a small room in a village in the city. They dare to pick up any goods and run away when there is a problem..


My family and friends are all in Shenzhen, and the company has1800I am very professional and have a professional team in a Grade A office building of square meters. What are you worried about? Find me to ship without detours, so Now Immediately, immediately, try a small order Bar!