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Sunny Worldwide Logistics' air freight service: real-time "fast lane"

Lian Sunny Worldwide Logistics 2023-03-14 12:23:25

air transport It plays an important role in international logistics transportation. Since it can transport the goods from the place of origin to the destination in a very short time, and at the same time has a high guarantee for the safety of the goods, it can meet the market's demand for logistics express. .

Advantages of air freight

However, proceed air transport there will be some Precautions , so that everyone can avoid some unnecessary troubles and risks when carrying out air transportation.

First of all, before carrying out air transportation, enterprises should first understand the transportation conditions of the operating airlines, Including loading weight, consignment requirements, etc., it is necessary to know whether the cargo can meet the requirements of the operating airline and ensure its safety and reliability.

Secondly, in the actual operation process, it is necessary to handle air tickets, foreign customs declarations, and document handling in a timely manner. When handling air tickets, you must be fully familiar with the price situation and the airline's restrictions to ensure that the goods can be transported on time, accurately and safely. In addition, when handling customs declaration and documents, it is necessary to be familiar with the relevant regulations and procedures of the port, so as to avoid the situation that the goods transportation will be affected due to the long waiting time.
Sunny Worldwide Logistics' air freight service: real-time
In addition, pay attention to the storage and packing of goods, How to pack the goods depends on different types. Wooden boxes and wooden pallets are the most used now. The size of wooden boxes should meet the requirements, and the weight should not be too heavy for easy loading and transportation; wooden pallets should also have sufficient strength. , to ensure resistance to vibration and shock during high-altitude transportation.

In addition, pay attention to the safety of the goods when transporting by air. After the goods are loaded into wooden boxes or pallets, they should be fixed with ropes or tapes to prevent tilting and sliding. At the same time, the goods should be fully inspected, and there should be no insects, rotting, leakage, etc. in the inspection.

Finally, try to avoid choosing more dangerous routes, Such as extreme weather, plateaus and oceans, etc., to ensure the safe transportation of goods.

All in all, air freight plays an important role in international logistics transportation. It can ensure the safety and reliability of goods on the premise of ensuring logistics efficiency. Therefore, enterprises should pay attention to all the precautions mentioned above in order to avoid some unnecessary troubles and risks when carrying out air transportation.

Sunny Worldwide Logistics engaged in air freight , Shipping, rail transportation, etc. Exceed20 years international logistics Service experience, actively respond to the development needs of the country's foreign trade, It has unique advantages in the air transport industry.

1.Sunny Worldwide Logistics With a professional team that can effectively achieve the goals of the air transport industry, They are familiar with China's air transport export process, implement international air transport regulations and efficient execution, especially have strong advantages in service professionalism, and can customize air transport services that are fast, timely, safe, effective, flexible and secure.

2. Sunny Worldwide Logistics Have an air freight service process including the following major systems: Analyze the logistics needs of the goods, choose the appropriate route, and arrange efficient flights and transportation routes,Implement customs declaration of goods, be responsible for logistics distribution, implement goods insurance and other value-added services, implement inspection and acceptance services after arrival, and meet customers' air transportation needs as much as possible.

3. Sunny Worldwide Logistics Have a complete set of security mechanisms to ensure the integrity of air services: The group's internal modern and efficient management system adopts advanced online management and monitoring of goods to ensure the safety and timely receipt of goods from the place of departure to the destination; it continuously upgrades package tracking technology and implements intelligent whole-process logistics tracking; combined with According to the special requirements of customers, we provide various customized professional air freight services.

Sunny Worldwide Logistics The air freight service has the advantages of fast, safe, stable and reliable, Professional air transport team can provide customers with a full range of logistics services to achieve global fast and convenient logistics , Strive to provide customers with quality air freight services.


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