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Sunny Worldwide Logistics: Open the global ocean freight journey for you

even Sunny Worldwide Logistics 2023-03-10 18:30:22

Sunny Worldwide Logistics: Open the global ocean freight journey for you

Sunny Worldwide Logistics : Open the world for you by sea Cargo ride

International shipping is crucial to the economic growth of countries around the world. It is the main channel for all trade activities and an indispensable part of the economic development of countries.


2 1 Over the centuries, with the development of modern shipping technology and water transport facilities, international shipping has successfully linked countries together, making world trade more convenient.

Sunny Worldwide Logistics: Open the global ocean freight journey for you

Regarding the company's international shipping, today we interviewed the director of the company's operations departmentJoey.


Three main questions were raised.


The first question: In the past few years, among all the international ocean freight orders you have followed up, what is the most difficult issue.

Joey replied: In international maritime logistics, due to container too many, Big ship overloaded Unable to receive all scheduled containers is an unavoidable problem. Therefore, carriers sometimes consider changing ships to solve this problem.

change ship usually refer to A container undertaken by a certain large ship Maximum receive volume exceeded after, The carrier will, prior to loading row plan Transfer some containers to other large ships in a unified arrangement the process of. Due to the limited loading capacity of a ship, when there are many goods, a certain ship cannot be loaded to complete the goods. Therefore, another ship is needed to solve this problem.

but There are also disadvantages to changing ships : First, the carrier must Bear all the additional costs incurred by the terminal when changing ships, (in terms of time and manpower) ; Second, The carrier also needs to bear, During the transfer of the ship, container risk of delay and damage;


at the same time , also inconvenience to buyers, Although the carrier bears all the costs, the transportation time of the goods will also increase, and the delivery date of both buyers and sellers will be delayed.

All in all, the process of changing ships has a certain impact on the carrier, buyer and transportation. Therefore, it should be considered to reduce the situation of changing ships as much as possible to reduce unnecessary economic losses.


Sunny Worldwide Logistics: Open the global ocean freight journey for you

Second question: how did you solve it?


Joey replied: on the one hand , When booking, we must understand customer needs. If necessary, we will also recommend high-quality services. It is necessary to do a good job in service from the details, and provide high-quality services through various channels to meet the requirements of customers: for example, if customers have special requirements and need to complete the provided services in a short time, then you can Coordinate the resources of all parties Communicate quickly and promptly with customers to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of service.


On the other hand, if the follow-up customers have needs, we will try our best to apply for a safe with the shipping company and not throw away the cabinet.

It is a very important part of the cooperation between the freight forwarder and the shipping company to apply for a safe and not to dump the cabinet. The purpose is to seek a win-win situation for both parties and reduce losses.

The third question: In your opinion, what aspects need special attention in the operation of international maritime logistics.

Joey replied: Timeliness and effective communication are very important in international maritime logistics operations, which can ensure that goods can be delivered to customers in a timely, correct and effective manner. All steps in the logistics operation process must be completed on time, correctly and effectively to maintain reasonable timeliness.


In addition, effective communication is also the basis of logistics operations. All parties involved in logistics operations must clearly understand important information such as the delivery time and shipment time of the goods, so as to ensure that relevant operations are completed in a timely and correct manner.
Sunny Worldwide Logistics: Open the global ocean freight journey for you

sunny worldwide logistics as a professional International logistics company , has always been committed to providing customers with efficient and high-quality services.


on the one hand, The company was established with20 years , has rich practical experience, With a very deep understanding of the international shipping industry, he can quickly understand various complex international trade rules and help customers avoid unnecessary risks.


On the other hand, we keep improving, Consider the problem from the customer's point of view , customize various solutions, by To meet the logistics needs of customers, for Better improve service quality and efficiency.

More importantly, over the years we have All persist in "Customer First, Service First" The concept of continuous development and innovation, to create a more reliable and effective service model , Provide better service to customers , Contribute to the development of the international shipping industry.