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Another historical tragedy—concealment of dangerous goods

even Sunny worldwide logistics 2023-03-09 17:08:24

Another historical tragedy—concealment of dangerous goods

real case scenario : 2023Year3moon6No., Shenzhen Shekou Port byCOSCOContainerized cargo destined for India results inSCTThe port caught fire, which is said to have been caused by Concealment of dangerous goods cause.

Another historical tragedy—concealment of dangerous goods Sunny worldwide logistics


History is always changing, but what is ubiquitous is that it is constantly being played out.


year 2013 A bombing incident occurred on a flight of Uruguay Cargo Airlines because the flight was carrying hidden dangerous goods. The cargo airline only discovered that there was a passenger after the crew made an alternate landing and all passengers were safe. dangerous goods quilt Conceal Transport on board.

Year 2014 , What kind of cargo fire happened to an airline company. The fire happened on the transport ship transporting dangerous goods, causing the ship to sink and causing multiple casualties to the crew. Find out the reason, the ship transported dangerous goods quilt hide transported without reporting.

2015 , a courier company in the United Kingdom is sending a box that is claimed to beThe goods of "clothing" were shipped to India, and it was found that the goods inside were actually " radioactive material ", causing pollution to the outside world. It was later found out that the courier company packed radioactive materials in clothing and concealed what happened during the transportation process.


one. In international logistics, the hazards of concealing dangerous goods :

Another historical tragedy—concealment of dangerous goods



two. Common dangerous goods in international logistics:






oxidizing agent


radioactive material


liquid chlorine

high pressure gas

magnetic material

flame thrower


military gunpowder

acidic substance


radioactive material



volatile liquid


three.In international logistics, for the management of dangerous goods, the following suggestions are given:

1. Management of the logistics industry. Logistics companies should promptly declare dangerous goods transported internationally in accordance with relevant regulations and requirements.
2. In the load correctness view for a transport, Clarify the standards for distinguishing dangerous goods from ordinary goods, and strictly prohibit mixing different kinds of goods.
3. Logistics companies should take certain technical measures , to ensure that dangerous goods are not lost or polluted during transportation.
4. Logistics companies should Conduct regular safety education and training , Strengthen employees' knowledge and understanding of international transport of dangerous goods.
5. Logistics companies should Establish an effective security inspection mechanism , Regularly check the transportation of dangerous goods to ensure that there will be no concealment.
6. Logistics companies should implement "Triple Standards" shipping principle , that is, the triple standards of goods, containers, and technology must meet the requirements at the same time.
7. Strictly implement the "International Logistics Management Regulations" promulgated by the government and related agencies , Dangerous goods shall not be transported in violation of regulations.
8. Regularly updated "International Logistics Dangerous Goods Classification Encyclopedia", for logistics practitioners regular training , to enhance their recognition ability.
9. strengthened control , The logistics company conducts random checks on a regular basis, discovers violations in a timely manner, and deals with them in accordance with the law.

In today's international logistics, the control of dangerous goods is undoubtedly a crucial step for safe transportation.

Sunny worldwide logistics Sunny worldwide logistics

Sunny worldwide logistics As a large-scale international logistics company, the company was established 20 years , has been implementing professional international transportation.

First, during the receiving process, there are A set of strict and professional security procedures , any items that are clearly classified as dangerous goods will be rejected immediately, and will never be accepted at will.


Second, the company will also All shipments undergo security checks , to ensure the safety of transportation, so as to avoid the risk of causing danger.


Finally, the company will also pass exact form To manage customers' shipping costs, and to develop various service standards for international shipping.

The consistent practice of dangerous goods management is the cornerstone of international logistics transportation, which ensures the safety of international logistics and provides customers with safe and reliable logistics services.


In the future, the company will further strengthen the management of dangerous goods, strengthen safety technology, and provide customers with safer and more reliable international transportation services.