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Sunny worldwide Logistics A second family full of love

Lian Sunny worldwide Logistics 2023-02-28 14:48:15

Sunny worldwide Logistics has another batch of birthday friends. The gluttonous editor said that they can eat cakes again. It’s enough, hahahahahaha, let’s talk about it first. The company will hold a birthday party every two months..


I believe that most people are like the editor. After graduation and work, normal working days, one daytwenty fourhours, at least8Hours are dedicated to our post, and we spend day after day with the company. Compared with the time spent with our family, the time we spend with the company seems to be longer.


Ma Yun is the co-chairman of Alibaba Group and AlibabaB2BPresident of the business unit, he has"Sleeping in the company for half a lifetime"The title, he has repeatedly stated to the media that during the pioneering period, he4Go to the company at 1:00 am to prepare for work, and sometimes finish sleeping and eating at the company. The company is home, and Ma Yun's father interpreted it vividly.


Sunny worldwide Logistics is determined to be a A warm family business , In order to keep our people and even our hearts, we really spent a lot of thought. The editor said that he has received a lot of love from the company.


first , the company will clearly remember the first day you came to the company, step on the spot together to celebrate the joy of your probationary period, and share the joy after you persisted for one year, and even5Year,10Year,And so on.


There is a senior in our companyJaneWorked in Sunny worldwide Logistics 20Oh year, where is the applause? It is really worthy of our admiration to be able to persist in the position we love for so many years.


secondly , in order to express the company's care, let employees feel the company's sincere care, and form a good emotional connection with the company, every two months will focus on holding birthday parties for employees, and holiday blessings, gifts, and various activities will follow closely.


Of course, there are many other activities, such as holding parties, organizing outings, going out together, inviting experts to give speeches, and so on. I won't list them all here.

宏铭达物流-充满爱的第二家庭 宏铭达物流-充满爱的第二家庭

Sunny worldwide Logistics The implementation of various benefits not only strengthens the cohesion of the enterprise, but also demonstrates the care of the enterprise, so that employees can feel the love of the company and deeply understand: The company is the second home of employees , family and home, Help each other and move forward together.


After the Spring Festival in China is the peak period of recruitment and job hunting. I believe that every company has ushered in new family members. In order to help them Adapt to the new environment , here are a few points for you small suggestion ,for reference only.