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Create a health barrier for employees and win the future of Sunny worldwide logistics

even Sunny worldwide logistics 2023-02-27 16:30:02

AccorD.ing to relevant reports, the8female infection PassHPV , Chinese school-age girlsHPVVaccination rates are less than1%.


last year8At the end of the month, China's State Food and Drug Administration approved, Nine pricesHPV Vaccination by16-26age extended to 9-45age , so that the health of women of more ages can be protected.


Emerson explain, healthy Is the first wealth in life , If the company wants to develop sustainably and healthily, the health of employees cannot be ignored .


The company invited Shenzhen Luohu People's Hospital, a well-known attending doctor-Dr. Chen Yan launched a theme sharing session on "Caring for Women's Health".


At the sharing meeting, Dr. Chen introduced in detail, among the clinically diagnosed cases and confirmed cases, common gynecological diseases, frequently-occurring diseases and difficult gynecological cases.


Dr. Chen is especially good at gynecological endocrinology, polycystic ovary syndrome, infertility, gynecological inflammation, salt floor dysfunction, etc., and can skillfully diagnose and treat them.


Combined with Dr. Chen's professional explanation, here is a summary Women's common disease prevention knowledge (for your reference only)


  1. Basic health care for women: Regular physical examinations are required to detect abnormal symptoms of the body in time, follow the doctor's advice, and seek medical treatment in time; pay attention to improving bad living habits, strengthen nutritional intake and anti-aging health care; maintain reasonable sleep, actively exercise, maintain normal emotions, and cultivate good health. mental state; maintain and balance hormone levels, etc.


  1. Prevention of various gynecological diseases : There are many kinds of gynecological diseases, and the prevention methods are also different. Generally speaking, it should be followedThe purpose of "prevention first, early detection and early treatment" is to avoid infection of viruses and bacteria, correct unhealthy lifestyles, pay attention to hygiene, develop good living habits, maintain normal emotions, take medicines reasonably, have regular physical examinations, and seek medical treatment in time.


3. breast cancer prevention : Proper exercise, such as walking, yoga, dancing, etc.; weight control, proper dietary adjustment, timely medical examination, regular breast examination; avoid hormone therapy, and frequently supplement vitaminsD; Menstrual cycle should be normal, negligence is taboo.


The sharing session lasted2Hours, not only help employees master more health knowledge, let Everyone enjoys with a healthy body Life. It also makes the corporate culture of Hongmingda Logistics deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

" I am healthy, I am happy, I am full of vitality, I set my sights on the future, I have strength until now, and I will never give up ", no longer a weak slogan, really put it in place, action,only action,to determine the value.

打造员工健康屏障,共赢宏铭达物流未来 打造员工健康屏障,共赢宏铭达物流未来

Sunny worldwide logisticsto attach importance to Sustainable and healthy development , pay more attention to the physical and mental health of employees, have a passionate and energetic team to serve customers, and the warm corporate culture allows employees to breathe together with the company for the sustainable development of Evergreen Tree Foundation, advance and retreat together, and enjoy the warm culture of home together.