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The help of Sunny worldwide logistics training

Lian Sunny worldwide logistics 2023-03-06 10:40:02

Corporate training helps to improve business efficiency, broaden markets and explore new areas, realize corporate development and innovation, and promote companies to better serve the society. Therefore, corporate training is particularly important.

In the branch systems of Hongmingda Logistics, training is also the most important link, which needs to continuously deliver fresh blood to the company, and with the continuous development of the times, the knowledge system of the entire company needs to be updated and iterated in time.

Today we interviewed the person in charge of the company's trainingYvain.

 Sunny Worldwide Logistics

During the process, three questions are critical:


Question one: Let’s talk about it from the perspective of training, how to let Xiaobai learn quickly

Yvain replied: First you need to understand the different positions in the logistics industry, and the maximum ability of different departments to communicate. In fact, graduates are smarter than we think, I think it is a good way for them to learn faster by letting them review the ppt before class and take some exams after class.


question two: In order to improve the quality of the company's international logistics services, what kind of training does the company provide in this area?

Answered by Yvain: The basic knowledge of sea and air transportation, as well as the basic knowledge of land transportation are the most basic courses for every newcomer. The work details of different departments make their work skills stronger and their service awareness leading. In addition, we also have training for old employees. Regular knowledge updates can ensure that the knowledge updates of new and old employees keep pace with the times.


Question three:During the training process, what unique experiences and insights do you have?

Yvain replied:First of all, we need to formulate a better class schedule and schedule, and then insist on regular training and constantly update the knowledge of employees. During the training process, we must combine actual cases, analyze flexibly, and improve our actual combat capabilities to meet the needs of industry development.


Sunny worldwide LogisticsAt the beginning of the new year, every employee will receive this exquisite notebook. This is the Year of the Rabbit. The cover page is very textured, and the three-dimensional rabbit of the unique Chinese paper-cut art is printed on it. The inside of the notebook is divided into one year. , there are corresponding special areas on the planning page, implementation page, conference page, etc., which is very convenient. Not only is it memorizing things, but it also means that the company will implement the training system to the end, so that the concept of lifelong learning can be deeply rooted in people's hearts.

Sunny worldwide logistics enterprise training purpose:

1. Training can enhance the skills of workers.In today's society, the rapid development of new technologies makes the competition of enterprises very fierce. Enterprises not only need to have various basic management capabilities, but also need to have modern new technologies and mechanisms to adapt to environmental changes and market demands. Therefore, enterprises must upgrade the skills of employees through regular training in order to maintain a competitive advantage.

2. Enterprise Training Contributes to Improving the Quality of Workers. In today's market economy, the improvement of labor quality and labor productivity is the fundamental basis for enterprise development. Training can enhance the literacy of employees, improve their work skills, enable them to better serve the enterprise, and truly put people first.

3. Enterprise training can also improve enterprise management ability. Due to changes in policy and environment, companies must continue to innovate in order to win a good market position. Training can help companies better understand and apply the latest technology and management concepts, improve the overall management level, improve operational capabilities, and achieve greater development.

4. Corporate training can increase employee motivation.The company provides employees with a learning platform through training, so that they have the opportunity to continuously learn new knowledge and skills, so that they have more self-confidence. In addition, it also provides opportunities for employees to practice, allowing them to experience the joy of success and enhance their enthusiasm.

To sum up, Sunny worldwide logistics training is of great significance to the development of enterprises. Through training,So as to improve the quality and efficiency of the enterprise, enhance the skills, accomplishment and enthusiasm of employees, and realize the development and innovation of the enterprise.