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At the same time, it is difficult to find a second logistics company in China to complete the collection of 40 suppliers

Lian Sunny Worldwide Logistics 2023-06-09 09:51:51

The Italian customer said that he had contacted several logistics companies before and refused to accept the order.


Sunny Worldwide Logisticsreceived a Italy customer's order, the customer It is required that we need within half a month, from40 suppliers Collect goods , then unify FCL Sent Italy . The shipment included a wide variety of commodities, from small to large, from light to heavy, from fragile to durable, in great variety and quantity. The customer requested that the goods be shipped as soon as possible to Italy , because they need these goods to satisfy most of italy Market demand.At the same time, it is difficult to find a second logistics company in China to complete the collection of 40 suppliers



The time is urgent, the task is heavy, Sunny Worldwide LogisticsAfter receiving the order, the formulation of the logistics plan began immediately. us contacted first40 suppliers, to The goods provided by various suppliers, The specific product name, volume and weight of the goods will also be Luo Listed in a form for customers. us Specially developed A warehouse system, we only need to add supply to the warehouse system information about suppliers ,client Enter the relevant supplier information, you can pass this platform to Inquire, The latest status of goods from different suppliers, the whole operation is simple, Inquiry is particularly convenient .


Due to geographically dispersed suppliers, Goods come from all over China, There are many kinds of goods, and it is very difficult to collect goods. Sunny Worldwide LogisticsThe staff of the company need to constantly communicate with suppliers, coordinate various issues, and ensure that the goods can reach the collection point on time.


in the cargo Unite focus on Shenzhen Warehouse back, Sunny Worldwide LogisticsThe staff began to classify, measure and pack the goods. Due to the wide variety of goods and the different packaging methods, this has brought great difficulties to the staff. They need to choose the appropriate packaging method according to the characteristics of the goods to ensure that the goods are not damaged during transportation , Control the weight, control the overall weight range and not overweight.


After the goods are packed, Sunny Worldwide LogisticsThe staff began to work on the whole cabinet. It is necessary to classify the goods according to the destination, type, weight and other factors, and then load the goods into the container. due to the goods different characteristics , exist Cabinet It is necessary to consider whether different goods can be stacked, and fragile goods need to be separated. The staff needs to constantly adjust the position of the goods to ensure that the goods can make full use of the space of the container without causing damage to the goods.


finally, Sunny Worldwide Logisticssuccess right40Suppliers complete the collection, Send the whole container to Italy . client also Very satisfied us services .


Sunny Worldwide Logistics is a company specializing in international logistics, we have our own warehouses in major port cities in China, Among them, the busier Shenzhen Yantian warehouse occupies an area ofOver 20,000 square meters, it is equipped with highly maneuverable trucks, a 24-hour CCTV system, fire fighting equipment, and pallets for stacking and storage of goods.


supply various For warehousing services, our warehouse colleagues can also provide labeling, palletizing, temperature control services for your goods, and collect goods from different suppliers.


and, we have in china20Annual logistics plan, we can also provide you with sea, land and air transportation services. Cooperating with our company will definitely make your progress in China out Mouth work becomes easier.