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The plane was about to take off and suddenly received a rejection notice from the airport that the packing did not fit

Lian Sunny Worldwide Logistics 2023-06-06 11:51:02

2023 Year1moon 9 Senior salesman of Sunny Worldwide Logistics Jim received a vote from Air freight from China to Australia , this air cargo is a batch of sporting goods purchased by an Australian company from China for use by a foreign high school. The school must receive it before the opening ceremony, and this batch of sporting goods must be put into the school's entire physical education teaching process..In order to catch up with the timeliness, customers So choose from Air freight from China to Australia .


Sunny Worldwide Logistics Jim According to the customer's request, it is ordered from Air freight from China to Australia flight, we deliver to air empty company hour was rejected by the airline, Because The packaging is substandard. but The flight is the next morning, and time is very tight. If you send an email to the customer to discuss packaging matters and related costs, you will definitely not be able to catch up with this trip Air freight from China to Australia flight . Jim Immediately contacted after approval by the leadership cooperated 15Year companies that specialize in wooden boxes, and tell them specific packaging requirements . This company that specializes in wooden boxes is well aware of the situation and they know how to fix it quickly . They immediately dispatched a special car to transport wooden boxes of corresponding size from other places. These wooden boxes are made according to the requirements of airline companies, which can ensure the safe transportation of products. The workers of the company specializing in wooden boxes repacked the products very quickly and sent them to the airport . we immediately Arranged customs declaration, and finally caught up with the flight before the airline cut off the goods.


This batch of sporting goods was delivered to the school on time. Australian customers are very satisfied with our timeliness when Jim When informing the customer of the reason for packing the wooden box, The customer was very moved. He said that our Sunny Worldwide Logistics is really the owner of the goods and the owner of the goods. This client ended up being Jim A loyal fan of , often referring other clients to Jim.


During the air transportation process, the airline will strictly control the packaging of the goods to ensure that the goods are safe and undamaged during transportation, and also protect the interests of the airline and customers. The packaging of the cargo is inspected by the flight to ensure that it complies with the airline's requirements and international standards. In addition, the flight will also require that the packaging of the goods must comply with international transportation regulations, such as IATA regulations, etc.


In the process of air freight, if the packaging is not suitable, it will lead to three main serious consequences:

1. Damaged goods: Improper packaging may cause the goods to be damaged during transportation, such as broken, deformed, worn, etc.

2. Potential safety hazard: Improper packaging may cause accidents during transportation, such as liquid leakage, explosion, fire, etc., posing threats to personnel and the environment.

3. Delayed delivery: Improper packaging may cause problems during the transportation of the goods, such as the need to repackage, replace the packaging, etc., thereby delaying the delivery time.


Sunny Worldwide Logistics In case of emergencies, 30solution in minutes .Jim She has won the trust of customers with her professionalism and dedication, and there are countless images in Sunny Worldwide Logistics.Jim The same sales elite. Be anxious about what customers are anxious about, and think about what customers want.