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Why is Sunny Worldwide Logistics always recommended by old customers in the Philippines?

Josie Sunny Worldwide Logistics 2021-07-09 16:43:28

In the more than 20 years of freight forwarding career, Sunny Worldwide Logistics has accumulated customers from various countries. Among them, we have been running Philippines dedicated line service for more than 10 years, and the average working experience of employees is 5-13 years. Our values of "Timely always without delay" and the brand sentiment of "More than the owner of the goods" have given our customers a high degree of trust, which has led us to improve our services and obtain long-term cooperation opportunities. "One Time Work With Sunny , All The Time With Sunny ".


2020 was an unusual year for the world, and the logistics and freight forwarding industry was still not immune. Under this situation where opportunities and challenges coexist, Sunny Worldwide Logistics has worked with customers to maintain a good reputation in a difficult year and has always been a nanny-level freight forwarder for customers.


The story below is about how my Filipino customer chose us as his freight forwarder.

Steven originally worked in a local state-owned enterprise in Manila, Philippines. Unfortunately, after the outbreak of the 2020 epidemic, he lost his job. He is the backbone of the family's economy. In order to live a better life, he decided to try to import bicycles from China to sell locally in Manila.

Later, I learned that the customer felt very distressed when choosing freight forwarders. When he searched for ocean freight forwarders from China to the Philippines on Google, tens of thousands of search results appeared on the pages. He tried to ask 10 freight forwarders for their freight rates, and 10 freight forwarders had different prices and services.This made him very confused.

So Steven asked his neighbor Marry for help and asked Marry to recommend a freight forwarder. Marry happened to be a customer I worked with in 2018, mainly importing glass candle holders from China. On average, 3 shipments are sent to our warehouse in Guangzhou to our warehouse in Manila every month. After so many years of cooperation, there is no damage, loss, or delay. So customers trust us and support us from beginning to end.

Marry told Steven about the experience of cooperating with Sunny worldwide Logistics.

Without any suspense, Steven handed the goods to Sunny worldwide Logistics company and now provides 200 bikes to us for transportation to the Philippines every month.

Here are the good comments Steven gave me on Alibaba.

Why is Sunny Worldwide Logistics always recommended by old customers in the Philippines?
Why is Sunny Worldwide Logistics always recommended by old customers in the Philippines?

Sunny Worldwide Logistics can stand out among many freight forwarders and become the best choice for customers for three reasons:

1. We are proficient in DDU DDP services on the Philippine dedicated line. We have two custom clearing channels and can design more than three logistics solutions for shippers.
2. Highly attention on the shipment more than the owner, site supervising and real-time tracking feedback, so that customers can rest assured of our meticulous service.
3. Many freight forwarders have a variety of prices, and services and prices are also easy to be uneven. And we are a gold member of Alibaba more than 10 years, offering marketing rate without any hidden fee.

Sunny Worldwide Logistics, No accident unless natural disaster happens.