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What exactly is the ACID policy for export to Egypt?

Polly Sunny Worldwide Logistics 2021-09-17 15:02:21

Important Notice: Starting on October 1, 2021 to export to Egypt, you need to provide an ACID number to clear customs!


Interpretation of the ACID policy for export to Egypt and the registration process


Recently, some customers have encountered the problem that products exported to Egypt do not have ACID numbers. Next, Jane Liu, vice president of operation department of Sunny Worldwide Logistics, will briefly introduce to you what ACID is and how to handle it.


What exactly is the ACID policy for export to Egypt?


1. What is ACID?


The full name of ACID is Advance Cargo Information Declaration (ACID) system. It is a new customs system implemented by the Egyptian Ministry of Finance on the NAFEZA platform in all ports across the country. It will be first to be tried on April 1, 2021, and will be enforced on July 1, 2021. , This date is the actual arrival date of the liner.


2. What should Chinese import and export enterprises pay attention to?


Chinese companies should pay attention to coordinating with local Egyptian importers and freight companies. They must complete the registration on the NAFEZA platform, submit relevant materials and obtain the Egyptian ACID number before the goods are shipped. The ACID number will be applied to all shipping documents. If the ACID number cannot be provided, the goods will be forcibly returned to the port of loading and fines will be imposed, and all responsibilities, returns and fines will be borne by the shipper.


3. The specific requirements of the Egyptian government on ACID


Submit the electronic documents of imported goods to the customs through the (single window) platform, and then ship them to the country to obtain the initial customs registration number "ACID".
Notify the importer of the "ACID" customs registration number, which should be recorded on the shipping note related to the imported goods.
When registering customs data for the pre-registration system, electronic signatures are used in data entry, and data and documents (including fp) are electronically registered.


Single window system:
Egypt has established a foreign trade single window site https://www.nafeza.gov.eg, which enables all parties involved in trade and transportation to submit unified information and documents at the single window to meet the requirements of import, export and transit of goods All relevant requirements.


The basic steps of the window system are as follows:
-Submit documents and fill in the coding form
-Determine the review and inspection date
-Pay fees electronically
-Obtained unified release license


4. Main components of ACID


This business is a major component of the single window system, which relies on recording the basic data of "suppliers, importers and imported goods" through the window site in order to obtain customs approval for imported goods in advance. According to the customs risk system to decide whether to approve, if approved, the importer will get a registration number initial customs ACID. This will be an important part of the document data sent by the supplier. Without such an initial reference number, the shipper will be forced to return the goods to the port of departure again and bear the return cost.


5. About electronic signature requirements and precautions


Electronic signature is a mandatory requirement (please note that it is mandatory) in order to benefit from the single window system. Importers can ship goods pre-registered on the single window website, and importers can issue electronic signatures through a recognized company service.


6. Precautions for data modification after registration of product export information


The decree only allows the modification of shipment data after obtaining the initial customs registration number, and does not modify the data of the supplier or importer.
The following Jane Liu lists some of the materials needed for ACID for your reference:
-Supplier Country
-Supplier registration number
-Supplier name
-Supplier type nature
-Supplier’s email
-Supplier detailed address
-Cargo data
-HS code of imported goods


What exactly is the ACID policy for export to Egypt?


As an operation, she deals with industry regulations and logistics documents of various countries and ports every day. In order to make our business proceed more smoothly, today is another day when Jane Liu gives us expertise in popular science.

If any company encounters difficulties in exporting to Egypt, you may wish to take a look at the information above.

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