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The secrets that the US shipping can tell

Polly 52shipping.com/Sea intelligence 2022-02-18 16:01:40

How dramatic has the recent US shipping been?


#In the first three weeks of January, more than 1,800 dockworkers on the West Coast tested positive for COVID-19, surpassing the 1,624 confirmed cases in all of 2021.


#The dockworker strike crisis has escalated, and labor disputes need to be resolved urgently.


#During the Chinese New Year, although imports were stagnant, due to the number of COVID-19 infections and labor shortages, the operation of the terminal was still sluggish.


#The backlog of orders in factories before Chinese New Year has also increased with the resumption of work, while the congestion at the US West Terminal has not yet eased.


Source: Sea Intelligence


"This graphic shows the change in the number of vessels since the start of 2020, relative to the pre-pandemic period (2017-2019). With the recent data, we can see a seasonal dip due to Chinese New Year 2022, but it is the increase in March/April 2022 which should be particularly noticed. The number of vessels scheduled to depart Asia – and subsequently arrive on the North American West Coast – will increase sharply and surpass a 40% increase compared to the pre-pandemic normality. This in itself will add further pressure on the port infrastructure.


What is more alarming is that there is a 60% increase in the number of vessels on the Asia-North America East Coast trade lane in the coming months, as carriers try to circumnavigate port congestion on the West Coast. This will severely increase pressure on the port infrastructure on the East Coast."


Based on the above situation, we can foresee that the price of the US line will probably not decrease this year, and the capacity will still be in a state of tightening. Some well-known shipping analysts in the industry even predict that ocean freight rates may "blow through the roof" in 2022.




Sea intelligence


Under such a situation of "multi-faceted attack", today Anna from marketing department of Sunny Worldwide Logistics shared the recent market trend of the US line with our sales department and customer service department.


In addition, in view of congestion in West Terminals of US and the current demand of the US-East route, in order to ensure the smooth shipment of the cargo owners, we sincerely remind all cargo owners to book space in advance.


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