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Sunny Worldwide Logistics has tailored at least three solutions for Philippine customers

Josie Sunny Worldwide Logistics 2021-06-24 12:35:36

As a member of the global freight forwarding WCA (only 1% of freight forwarder in China has this qualification), Sunny Worldwide Logistics uses professional industry experience, and design at least three logistics scheme for each shipper, saving more than 5% of the cost. Sunny takes care the cargo more than the owner.

Shipping agent China to Philippines


On March 16, 2019, I received a shipping inquiry from Jerlie on Alibaba. She wanted to transport 5 ice machines to Davao, Philippines, 5 ice machines with a total of 5.5cbm 678kg from 3 suppliers in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Ningbo. This is the first time she imported goods in China. She was all at sea about the intenational transprotation. She has no import and export rights, and there are three suppliers from different cities. She wanted to gather the goods from three suppliers, put them in the same container, and ship them to Davao. When She contacted with Sunny Logistics, Sunny dispelled all her anxiety about transportation. Because we can meet all the needs of our customers.

1. Sunny Worldwide Logistics provides warehouse consolidation service.

We have 25 warehouses such as Guangzhou, Shanghai, Ningbo, Beijing, Xiamen in all parts of the country. Customer Jerlie's goods come from three suppliers, we can concentrate 5 machines to the Guangzhou warehouse and consolidate in the same container and then transport to Davao, Philippines.

2. Sunny Worldwide Logistics provides customers with a complete customs declaration data.

We will organize three suppliers' box-based invoices, which are responsible for the arrangement of domestic customs clearance, commodity inspection, fumigation and other procedures.

3. Sunny Worldwide Logistics can provide customs clearance of the Philippines Customs for customers who have no import.

Although the customer is private import, there is no import, we have the service of the shipping line, which provides customers with customs clearance services, and can be sent to the customer's designated address.


As a cross-border purchaser, the transportation of goods is usually more troublesome, especially for the first cross-border purchase. How to choose a satisfactory forwarder is usually not true. If you face the following abnormal situations, you will be at a loss , Many freight forwarders are unable to provide customers with feasible solutions in time, causing unpredictable losses to customers.

1. B2B cross-border logistics costs are high, sellers are scattered, and logistics effectiveness is difficult to unify.

2. The strength of logistics channels is not enough, the actual effect of transportation is slow, and it is impossible to track and query.

3. The secondary processing of returned items is difficult, resulting in superimposed costs.

4. There is no source of import destination country, and B2B import lacks stable channels.


Sunny Worldwide Logistics has a history of more than 20 years. It has focused on Philippine shipping line services for more than 10 years. Its employees have an average experience of 5-8 years. In response to the above industry problems, we will tailor each product to our customers according to each shipment. To respond to this kind of plan, in case of an emergency, an emergency plan must be issued within 30 minutes. It has been fully trusted by the guests. At present, we have been cooperating with customers for up to 2 years, and we are not only partners, but also friends.

The following are the gifts I exchanged with my Customer at Christmas, we are very happy

Shipping agent China to Philippines