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Why some products must be fumigated for export

Lian Sunny Worldwide Logistics 2023-03-22 10:50:54

In international logistics, Fumigation of export goods detection It can well protect and prevent the damage of export goods, reduce the loss of export goods, improve the quality of goods, and meet international trade standards.


one. Export products subject to fumigation testing

Usually organic food, cosmetics, agricultural products, wild animals and their products, veterinary drugs, vegetable oil, organic beverages, hardware products, wood and their products, etc.


two. the case

In a European country, a group of certain Harmful pests were found in wooden sofas imported from China, and the pests developed rapidly in Europe, causing panic among local residents and eventually causing a lot of property damage in the country, and European buyers expressed their indignation .


the impact There are5 o'clock:

  1. damaged wooden sofa : due to pest invasion and damage, wooden sofas are forced to stop using, causing European consumers to fail to check when purchasing wooden sofas, thereby bringing a large amount of property losses.
    2, Prevention cost : Due to the outbreak of pests in wooden sofas, the government needs to increase relevant prevention and control efforts to ensure that the local ecological environment can be maintained. Therefore, the government needs to increase corresponding financial investment, which also brings certain financial costs.

    3. risk loss : This incident caused consumers to have a certain resentment towards the import of wooden sofas. The country The negative impression of wooden sofas has led to a decrease in demand for wooden sofas, which has also brought certain losses.


  1. destroy the local environment : Once pests are able to cross national borders, lack of natural enemies, They will rapidly expand their range and cause great damage to the local environment , affect the stability of the local ecosystem.


  1. In addition to the above effects, serious If so, will affect human health , Undetected viral invasion can cause a variety of diseases such as influenza, stunting, diarrhea, etc. Viruses that are not fumigated are often overlooked or overlooked because they may not show obvious symptoms, making them difficult to spot

Why some products must be fumigated for export


three. What is fumigation testing?

Fumigation detection is a detection method in international logistics transportation. It uses steam to spray a specific component from the surface of the object, and then detects the changes inside the object through the detector to judge the safety of the object. performance and other characteristics.

Fumigation: prevents pests from multiplying and spread.

Four. Fumigation certificate to prove bulk cargo and FCL operation mode

Bulk cargo operation method:
1. Door-to-door fumigation is charged according to the volume. The goods with packaging containing wood need to be stamped and operated by the fumigation operator to release the medicine. After 24 hours of pressing at night in the factory, it can be shipped after 2 hours of degassing. If the cargo exceeds 5CBM, professional fumigators need to come to the door to disperse the gas, which is referred to as the second door-to-door operation. (The factory needs to provide a special place for stacking goods, which can be ventilated and not exposed to rain) 2. The goods can be picked up by tons of trucks and taken to the fumigation site for overnight fumigation. There will be overnight charges and transportation costs for picking up the truck. After fumigation, it will be delivered directly to the warehouse the next day. (It is necessary to provide the correct volume corresponding to the type of arrangement, and the fumigation price and transportation cost are different for different models) 3. If the goods are small, you can rent a cabinet for fumigation. The factory delivers goods or arranges to pick up the goods by tons of vehicles and send them to the designated fumigation site. The delivery driver needs to unload the goods and put them into the cabinet. After 24 hours of uniform fumigation and pressure, arrange the vehicle to pick up the goods and deliver them to the warehouse (this operation is suitable for light goods within 3CBM. The driver cannot unload and load the container and pick up the cargo by himself because it is too heavy or oversized)
Operation mode of the whole cabinet:
1. If the packaging contains wood, it is necessary to arrange fumigation personnel to come to the door to stamp. Then arrange the container to go to the factory for loading. After loading the container, lock the correct seal, and the container driver will take it to the designated fumigation site to release the medicine, and then return the heavy container to the dock.

  1. If the ordinary packaging does not contain wood products, directly arrange the container to go to the factory for loading. After loading the container, lock the correct seal. The container driver will take it to the designated fumigation site to release the medicine, and then return the heavy container to the dock.



Why some products must be fumigated for export

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