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Welcome to our day!

Polly Sunny Worldwide Logistics 2022-08-30 15:11:05

Last Saturday afternoon, Sunny Group's birthday party kicked off. The theme of this birthday party is one word: "Fast". How to say? The answering speed of the game is 0.1 seconds, and the battle can be ended in 10 minutes in front of the food.




Every birthday party, the table is always full of snacks, fruits, and handmade goods of various flavors. Birthdays are not boring, otherwise, how can some people celebrate both the lunar calendar and the solar calendar? 


The part of the game is to guess the idioms by looking at the numbers. I can't help but admire the friends in the administration department. Every game is different. How did you do it? This freshness is really well-intentioned.



Take one of the questions to test you in front of the screen:




(Answer will be revealed later in the article)


I have to say that some people are born battle-type talents who like excitement. They enjoy this kind of push and pull with the question, and the feeling of being in love with the answer.



July-August traverses Cancer, Leo and Virgo, full of tenderness, enthusiasm and earnestness.


Amy, Demi, Hellen, Jim, Jolee, July, Kelvin, Kiki, Lasuary, Lily, Lyle, Maggie, Miya, Molly, Monica, Samira, all of them are beauties with protruding legs!



Happy birthday! You made our day.



(Look at the numbers to guess the idiom answer: one after another)