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The goods that American customers want to import from China are involved in anti-dumping. What should the freight forwarder do?

Polly Sunny Worldwide Logistics 2022-08-26 15:06:29

Every time Vina's story is born in the rain, it may really make God cry.



My communication with Mickey, an American customer, started in February this year. She planned to purchase goods in China, needs collection and transportation services, and was in the stage of budgeting.


Communication began at the end of February, the goods to be loaded on the first container were only ready in April, and the entire communication was drawn very long. Dealing with Mickey's goods is either solving the problem or on the way to solving the problem.


Problem one:


Mickey has worked in the beauty industry before, and plans to open a furniture store this year and start sourcing furniture and decorations from China. She sent me a list of orders to be purchased. After I checked them one by one, I found that some of the goods involved anti-dumping. In line with the principle of being responsible for the customer, I told her that if it was found to be anti-dumping during customs clearance in the United States, the taxes and fees would be very high.


The customer said she was just starting out in the business and couldn't take so many risks. However, her supplier was a little reluctant to refund the deposit, and said that it would be no problem to find a freight forwarder for the customer. Because I told the customer about the anti-dumping duties and fees in advance, she became a little worried, and also referred to the quotation plans of other freight forwarders.


For the first time shipping, the customer had little experience, limited budget, and still expressed concerns about taxes and fees, so she followed my advice and remove the anti-dumping goods.


In order to prevent the client from causing excessive expenditure on anti-dumping duties, I cooperated with the client and communicated with the supplier. Some agreed to cancel the order, some did not. In this case, I suggested that the customer removed the anti-dumping goods, and then purchase the goods of the same value from the suppliers to replace them, and finally the problem was smoothly solved.


Problem two:


The first 40HQ container departed from Shenzhen to Miami in April and arrived to port for customs clearance in mid-June. This was the first time that Mickey used her own company name as the head of customs clearance for imports. The problems of the customer's qualifications and the miscellaneous types of goods make customs clearance more difficult.


Sunny Worldwide Logistics has our own first-hand agents in 50 states in the United States. After our careful inspection of the composition and use of the goods, the customs broker confirmed with the customs many times, and finally the real material and use of the goods were matched to the correct HS CODE, and the customs clearance was successful. In this regard, the customer was very grateful to us for being able to efficiently handle local problems in the United States for her in a timely and efficient manner on the other side of the ocean.


Problem three:


I have so far shipped two containers for the customer, each of which had more than 20 suppliers, and the goods were very miscellaneous. I had to help her organize and classify the goods, and I was afraid of making mistakes in the information of the goods, so I had to repeat the inspection, and finally integrate more than ten product names.


The pre-work for each shipment is always heavy, because there were many suppliers and needed to collect the goods. The suppliers are in Foshan, Jiangmen, Qingdao and other places, so I suggested to collect and load the goods at one supplier, and then transport them back to the Shenzhen port to board the ship, which would save customers a lot of money.


Reviewing communications with customer, I found that each customer speaks differently. Mickey's way of speaking is that sometimes she only speaks half of the words. I have to guess her words and change several expressions to know what the customer needs, otherwise there will be misunderstandings.


There were some points of conversation between her and the supplier, which led to bottlenecks in the procurement process, so she asked me to help her communicate. In the past few months, in the process of helping customers solve problems, I have also improved my expression skills, cultivated patience, and improved the level of exploring more solutions for customers.


The goods that American customers want to import from China are involved in anti-dumping. What should the freight forwarder do?


Freight forwarders are the link between customers and suppliers. The comprehensive quality requirements are high, not only need to have good expression ability, but also to coordinate the communication between the two parties.


If this story is not written, we will not know how much unknown connectivity work Vina and Sunny Worldwide Logistics team have done, and the ultimate goal is to achieve win-win cooperation among the three parties.