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Timeliness control, 90% of peers in international logistics cannot do it

Lian Sunny Worldwide Logistics 2023-05-09 10:55:53

Mr. Zhang's company is a manufacturer of high-end electronic products China Enterprises, they need to ship a batch of important goods from China to the United States to meet the needs of customers. Since the timeliness of the goods is very important, they chose a International Logistics The company makes the shipment. However, due to the previous International Logistics The company cannot guarantee the timeliness, which eventually leads to the delay of the goods and fails to reach the customer on time, and the company loses about,000. This experience made Mr. Zhang deeply realize that timeliness is International logistics Due to the importance of business, he began to look for a company that could guarantee timeliness International logistics company.


Through Internet search and consultation with friends, Mr. Zhang learned that Sunny Worldwide Logistics is a professional International logistics The company can provide customers with fast, accurate and safe International logistics Serve.


Sunny Worldwide Logistics Established long-term cooperative relationship with many international airlines and shipping companies, able to provide customers with more International logistics Choice and faster shipping. at the same time Global ForwarderWCA of member, China less than domestic1% of eligible businesses . Own tow truck team, driver10It is really difficult to find a few comparable ones in Shenzhen if you have more than one year of driving experience.


In the cooperation with Sunny Worldwide Logistics, Mr. Zhang got a very good service experience. The professional team of Sunny Worldwide Logistics provided them with full tracking and timely internationality logistics Information feedback, so that they can keep abreast of the status of the goods International logistics Shipping condition. At the same time, Sunny Worldwide Logistics also provides them with a variety of internationality logistics options so that they can choose the option that suits them. In the end, the goods arrived in the hands of American customers on time, which made Mr. Zhang's company highly appraised and trusted by customers.


Mr. Zhang also decide to choose Sunny Worldwide Logistics as your own internationality logistics Partner. In the follow-up cooperation, Sunny Worldwide Logistics has always maintained an efficient and professional service attitude, which made Mr. International logistics Very satisfied with the service , And willing to Hong Mingda logistics, professional International Logistics Refer the service to friends around you.


This case shows that in International Logistics In business, timeliness is a very important indicator. Once there is a delay or delay, it will bring huge losses to the enterprise. Therefore, companies are choosing International Logistics When purchasing a company, you need to consider its timeliness and service quality to avoid similar losses. Sunny Worldwide Logistics as a professional International Logistics The company has been committed to providing customers with high-quality logistics services to satisfy and trust customers.

if you need International Logistics service, you might as well choose Sunny Worldwide Logistics, let us serve you you provide high quality internationality logistics Serve. Sunny Worldwide Logistics is in International Logistics There are more than20Years of experience, the average employee experience5arrive8In 2019, it is really difficult to find a few comparable companies in Shenzhen, and everyone is welcome to leave a message for consultation.

Timeliness control, 90% of peers in international logistics cannot do it