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This company can really solve the logistics problem

Polly Sunny Worldwide Logistics 2022-04-22 15:00:26

Customers' shipment,

What about the shipping space? No matter how hard it is to get it, we will get it for you.

What would we do if customer encountered problems with import customs clearance? Another way to solve it for you.


Sunny Worldwide Logistics designs three logistics solutions for cargo owners, is proficient in customs clearance and tax rates in the United States, Europe, Australia and other countries, responds to demands, and shares worries for customers, so that they can focus on their own brand building and development.



My client Pablo and I first chatted in April 2021 when he simply told me that there was a 40HQ wood to be shipped from Qingdao, China to Miami. After I completed the quotation, he was hesitant at first and had no intention of cooperation because there was no basis of trust between us.


One day in early May, he told me that the cargo was ready and asked if there was space. Due to the pandemic situation and port congestion at the port, the sea freight at that time had risen to sky-high prices, and the shipping schedule was unstable. Any space needed to be booked two weeks in advance, and the booking fee was paid to the shipping company to reserve space.


I told him that the shipping company will charge a certain amount of fees for booking the space. If the booking is made, the shipping company will issue an SO; if it is cancelled, each container will be charged $1,000. He hesitated for two days. I reminded him again that many people now want to get SO from the shipping company, and the shipping company will give priority to those orders that have paid the deposit. Therefore, the shipping space is very tight, and it is necessary to confirm the shipping plan before booking, otherwise it will cause a loss of space.


After I shared the current market situation with him, he was willing to trust me and prepaid the booking fee. At that time, the space between Qingdao and Miami was scarce and expensive. I still tried my best to find a space for Pablo with our marketing department. Although the price was high, he accepted it. Finally, the goods departed smoothly and arrived in Miami.


Later, when he had a shipping plan, he always told me in advance and asked me to book in advance. Since there is no direct ship from Qingdao to Miami, it needs to transit from Busan, South Korea, and the sailing schedule is unstable. Usually it takes 40 days, but now it takes 60 days, so the sailing time is a bit long for him.


Sunny Worldwide Logistics can design three logistics solutions for each cargo owner, so I provide the following solutions for him to choose:

Solution-1: Qingdao to Miami, transit in Busan, the sailing time arrives about 60 days after departure from China.

Solution-2: Take Matson Clipper and service from Shanghai to Los Angeles, after leaving China, 11-14 days to arrive at Los Angeles port, 5-7 days for unloading, and then deliver by truck to Miami, 7-10 days, total 22- 35 days or so.

Solution-3: Air freight from China to Miami, about 5-7 days.


Due to the higher cost of options 2 and 3, which was beyond the affordable range, Pablo finally chose the original option-1. I coordinate with factories and suppliers to minimize production time. Because we have no control over the sailing plans of the shipping companies and can only rely on their sailing schedules. We have to catch up with the scheduled shipping date, and most of the ships will face port congestion, lack of capacity, shortage of labor, and many other factors beyond the control of other forwarders after arriving at the port. Therefore, we want to reduce unnecessary time for customers as much as possible, so that his products can be supplied smoothly.


In October, he told me that the United States imposed a 300% anti-dumping duty on PRIMED PINE MOLDING lumber and asked me if there was a reasonable solution.


I immediately had a dedicated meeting with my colleagues in the marketing department and operation department to discuss. We believe that the China-Malaysia-US transshipment plan is highly feasible, and was finally approved by Pablo, then we successfully handled the secondary transshipment for him. This shipment also made Pablo praise our ability to perfectly respond to his demands and provide timely feedback.


This year I asked Pablo why he has been working with me. Pablo has a lot of shipments every month and he said:

Sunny Worldwide Logistics can make the shipping list of all the goods and update the status of the goods to him in real time;

Choose the most favorable tariff plan for him and update it in time, so that he can make a shipping plan;

We worked well with his suppliers and his US customs broker, helping him with a lot of unexpected things, allowing him more time to focus on his business and save time.


Also, not just at work, we often share each other's daily lives. Most importantly, he and I trust each other more in our business dealings.


Recently, we shared with each other the pandemic prevention and control situation in China and the United States. He and his family are recovering from Covid-19 and returning to work. Now, Pablo's business is also booming.



We all know how difficult it is to get the space from Qingdao to Miami. But as long as you are proactive, you will always find the right solution for your customers.


The sky-high ocean freight rates in 2021 are also obvious to all in the industry, and the impression is even more profound after the experience. Sunny Worldwide Logistics is looking for a way out for customers in the turbulence, providing effective solutions and reasonable freight rates as always, and will serve customers wholeheartedly in the future.