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Road closures and port sieges! Protests broke out in many European countries

Karen 2024-02-21 11:43:17

Road closures and port sieges! Protests broke out in many European countries

Recently, farmers' protests have occurred in many European countries. The intensification of disputes between agricultural unions and authorities has caused the protests to spread to at least 10 countries.
Farmers from France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Lithuania, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Romania lined up with tractors, blocked streets and blocked ports and airports.FCL container

According to CCTV news, the Belgian news agency (Belga) recently reported that due to the blockade by protesting farmers, about 2,000 trucks are currently trapped in the port area of ​​Zebhauch.FCL container

According to reports, since January 30, local time, protesting farmers have blocked access to and from the Zeebrugge port area, causing trucks to be stranded in the area and truck drivers unable to access food or health infrastructure.door to door service

On February 1, local time, De Kaluwe, the governor of West Flanders, where Zeebrugge is located, declared a state of emergency in the province. On the morning of the 2nd, De Kaluwe went to the area to hold talks with protesting farmers to find a solution.door to door service

De Kaluwe said on February 2 that it was still unclear how long the protests would last in the Zeebrugge area. Industry sources say transport delays caused by the blockade will cost the Belgian economy millions of euros.

In addition, on January 29, local time, German farmers also parked about 100 tractors on the main road leading to the Port of Hamburg, disrupting traffic at Germany's largest port and one of Europe's busiest international container shipping facilities.door to door service

Traffic throughout the Hamburg area was hampered by about 1,500 tractors.agent shipping china

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