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EVA launches new Qingdao-Indonesia direct flights to meet Ramadan consumption peak!

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The Islamic month of Ramadan is about to begin in early March.

Ramadan and the subsequent Eid al-Fitr are no less significant to the Indonesian people than the Chinese New Year is to the Chinese people. As a result, this period is also the peak of consumption, and it is expected that the consumption during Ramadan in Indonesia will reach IDR 230 trillion, which is about RMB 110 billion.

Against this background, in order to assist customers to develop and cultivate the Indonesian market, Evergreen Marine Transportation has opened a new weekly direct service NSI from Qingdao to Jakarta, Indonesia, starting from March 8, to provide faster shipping services and help customers seize the market opportunities.

NSI route has the following advantages:

- No dependence on Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, no obstacles to customs clearance in Indonesia, higher customer acceptance.

- It can accept frozen cargo, which will help customers to develop more chilled business.

- It is expected that the maiden voyage from Qingdao on March 8 will arrive at Indonesia in 11 days, which will help customers to seize the Ramadan market.

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