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Open a temporary channel! Baltimore Port traffic expected to resume?

Karen 2024-04-08 09:58:00

Open a temporary channel! Baltimore Port traffic expected to resume?

In the early morning of March 26, Baltimore time, the Francis Scott Bridge collapsed after being hit by a container ship "Dali" after the bridge collapsed, the only channel in and out of the port of Baltimore was cut off, which will make the port forced to close.shipping agent in China


The US Coast Guard is working to create a temporary backup channel for commercial vessels near a collapsed bridge in Baltimore, officials said.door to door service

The local government plans to establish a temporary channel on the northeast side of the main channel, which has a controlled water depth of 11 feet (over 3 meters), horizontal clearance of 264 feet (80 meters), and vertical clearance of 96 feet (29 meters).FCL container shipping

The Maryland state government said that part of the bridge is expected to be removed from the channel on April 6, when a channel will be opened to allow small boats to pass through.shipping agent in China

David O'Connell, coordinator for disaster relief at the site, said: "This will mark an important first step on the road to reopening the Port of Baltimore. By opening this alternate route, we will support Baltimore's maritime traffic."shipping agent in China

While clearing the channel to reopen the port, local officials are also trying to determine how to rebuild the bridge
Experts estimate that rebuilding the bridge could take anywhere from 18 months to several years, depending on unknown factors such as the design of the new bridge and the speed at which permits are approved.shipping agent in China

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