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A large number of containers were robbed! Shipping company announces suspension of bookings

Ting https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/AYB0L1-7SVUGclNwuBwowg 2024-04-03 10:13:51

According to the latest report from CCTV News, a detailed report released by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on March 28 showed that in the first three months of this year alone, 1,554 people were killed and 826 injured due to gang violence in Haiti. The report highlights that Haiti's serious problems of corruption, impunity and poor governance, coupled with rising gang violence, have severely weakened the country's rule of law system, leaving government institutions in jeopardy and human rights violated. The report strongly calls on the international community to take immediate action to deal with the current "catastrophic situation" in Haiti.

On March 29, local time, the Haitian government announced that the curfew in the Western Province, where the country's capital, Port-au-Prince, is located, will be extended from now until April 1. The state of emergency will continue until April 3 in accordance with the decree promulgated on the 6th of this month.

Recently, violence in the country has intensified after the Haitian government declared an extension of the state of emergency. Shockingly, unknown intruders have forced their way into a major port terminal in Haiti. Two security sources told CNN that around 8 a.m. that day, the Caribbean Port Services (CPS) terminal in Port-au-Prince, a key link in Haiti's food import supply chain, was illegally invaded.

According to sources, the intruders went directly to the terminal's closed warehouse area, where a large number of containers were piled up. At present, the riots at the port have not subsided. Video taken on Thursday showed hundreds of people gathering on the streets around the port, with dozens even forcing their way into closed warehouse areas.

CNN satellite images further showed large crowds gathering outside the port and pouring in through a gap in the street. The container port terminal area was in a mess, with supplies scattered everywhere.

Previously, the largest port in Haiti's capital, Port-au-Prince, had also been severely damaged by armed bandits. These gangsters brazenly looted containers belonging to Haitian domestic and international institutions, causing hundreds of people to flock to the port and plunder dozens of containers. They searched all the way and took away everything they could, causing huge losses to port operations and the Haitian economy.

On March 29, CMA CGM issued the latest announcement. In view of the continued deterioration of the security situation in Port-au-Prince and its surrounding waters, in order to ensure the safety of shipping, the company decided to temporarily stop docking at Lafito Terminal until further notice. Therefore, CMA CGM will temporarily not accept bookings to the Lafitte and Port-au-Prince terminals. However, for the northern part of Haiti, CMA CGM will maintain its original plan and continue to dock at Cap Haitien Terminal as usual.

Previously, Maersk decided to stop accepting new bookings to and from Haiti until further notice.

ZIM also previously issued an announcement announcing that the booking service in Port-au-Prince has been suspended immediately until further notice. At the same time, considering the safety of employees, the office in Haiti will be temporarily closed, and employees will work remotely to maintain business continuity when the situation allows.

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