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One has two, Sunny Worldwide Logistics provides customized solutions

Elena Sunny Worldwide Logistic 2023-07-27 15:32:18

followed up10Hours of Russian ClientsLisaFinally, the final transportation plan has been determined. He asked me to help him find the Guangzhou to RussiaRostov-on-Don ofShipping FCL Service, need to go to this inland point, not the nearest port. After communicating with him, I found that he was recommended by a friendSunny Worldwide Logistics, I immediately asked our Ministry of Commerce about Guangzhou to RussiaRostov-on-Don ofShipping FCL Service, because it is an inland point, so a customized solution was provided for him, Guangzhou to RussiaNovorossiyskport, then transported by truck toRostov-on-Don inland point . Estimated time is39day arrives.

Russian customerLisaThe main imported goods are electric water heaters, and the quantity is large, so the whole cabinet is often shipped. even though it's usSunny Worldwide Logisticswith Russian customersLisa, but the overall communication between both of us was smooth and smooth. In the later communication with him, I also learned that he had found other freight forwarding companies before, but none of the solutions he provided could provide Guangzhou to RussiaRostov-on-Don FCL service. Furthermore, under the introduction of his friend, Russian customerLisa found itSunny Worldwide Logistics.LisaShe said that although she was recommended by a friend, she felt that all the logistics companies were still waiting to be seen because the freight forwarding cooperation she had worked with before was not very pleasant, butSunny Worldwide Logisticschanged her mind.


Because the customer's address is inland, far from RussiaNovorossiyskport400How many kilometers away, it is conceivable that there is no Guangzhou to RussiaRostov-on-Don direct route. In response to this situation, our Ministry of Commerce has provided Guangzhou to RussiaNovorossiyskport, then transported by truck toRostov-on-Doninland point Exclusive customized solutions for Russian customersLisa. But also can be delivered directly to the customer's designated location. Russian customerLisasaid she was grateful to her friend for recommending herSunny Worldwide Logistics.


with Russian customersLisaAfter communication, I used30Organized for customers in minutes2indivual from Guangzhou to RussiaRostov-on-Don shipping quotes.LisaSaid that our service is not only very comprehensive, but also the feedback speed is very fast, she can save a lot of time and energy. Because the freight forwarder she had worked with not only received the quotation late, but also did not reply in time. at last,Lisaexist Rostov-on-Doninland point Received her shipment earlier than expected5sky .


It turns out thatLisaThe choice is right. she found Sunny Worldwide Logisticsas a long-term partner. Because of the smooth and pleasant cooperation, her career is also thriving and developing very well. If you also want to find a like-minded logistics partner, welcome to come to me for a small trial order. Not only will you not go bankrupt, but you will also get rich.