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Another 10% increase will result in a return of $2000 for American Western shipping costs; DaFei will charge a peak season surcharge!

Ting www.sofreight.com 2023-07-27 17:30:42

NO.1 increases by another 10% in a single week, and the American West freight returns to $2000

According to the latest data of Drury, after two weeks of continuous increase, the sea freight from Shanghai to Port of Los Angeles in West America recorded another 10% increase in a single week. The freight rate climbed to $1965/FEU, approaching the $2000 threshold.

This is the third consecutive week of price increases on the US West route, with a cumulative increase of 24.3%. At the same time, the freight rate of Shanghai's exports to New York Harbor in East America rose 7% to 2906 US dollars/FEU.

Drury said that the recent growth of trans Pacific eastbound sea freight volume has been driven by the decline in transport capacity due to the increase in the suspension of trans Pacific eastbound routes, the delay caused by the strike on the west coast of Upper Canada, and the more optimistic outlook for North American freight demand.

NO.2 UPS strike may cause $7.1 billion in losses

An economic research company in Michigan that studies the cost of labor interruption estimates that UPS's 10 day strike may become the most expensive shutdown event in American history. Preliminary estimates suggest that it may cause $7.1 billion in losses to the US economy.

Anderson Economic Group estimates that the impact on businesses and consumers alone will amount to $4.6 billion, "causing significant and lasting harm to small businesses, home workers, individual practitioners, and online retailers across the country. Other costs include an estimated direct loss of $816 million for UPS, as well as a $1.1 billion salary loss for the company's 340000 truck driver union members. The remaining costs will be borne by UPS suppliers and tax losses.

No.3 CMA will charge a peak season surcharge on the Asia South Africa route

CMA recently announced that it will charge a new Peak Season Surcharge (PSS) for the Asia South Africa route, which will take effect from August 21st.

The new fees are applicable from Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, China to South Africa.

The fee standard is $300/TEU, which includes dry box, cold box, OOG goods, and miscellaneous items.

NO.4 ONE Launches New Services Connecting Adriatic Sea, Israel, Egypt and Greece

Ocean Network Express (ONE), a container shipping company headquartered in Singapore, will start a new branch service connecting Adriatic Sea port, Israel, Egypt and Greece.

ONE's new Adriatic Sea Israel Butterfly Ring Service (AIB) is expected to provide new portals for customers in Europe and the Mediterranean region.

The new weekly service plan departs from Damieta Port on August 16th and will have a round-trip flight of 21 days.

NO.5 COSCO Shipping North America Warehouse Allocation Service Products Fully Launched

The official account of COSCO Shipping recently announced that as an important strategic part of its digital supply chain, its North American warehousing and distribution business has now been fully launched, with a total area of over 1.19 million feet, covering Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Charleston, Savannah, Tuscaloosa, Dallas, Houston and other places.

This move marks the further proximity of COSCO Shipping's supply chain service products to end customers. After the customer's goods arrive at North American ports, they can be stored in the nearby warehouses of COSCO Shipping and then delivered to various parts of the United States as needed