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New changes in US 301 tariffs! The exemption period for 77 products continues to be extended

Lian so freight.com 2023-05-18 11:27:44

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative has set an expiration date of May 15, 2023 for 81 of the 301 tariff exclusion clauses for health care-related Chinese products needed to respond to the new crown epidemic.


As it expires, USTR considers public comments submitted on the February 7, 2023 notice and recommendations from the Advisory Committee, the Interagency Section 301 Committee, and the White House COVID Response Team to provide additional provisions for the expiring waiver levies. 16-day transitional period, valid until May 31, 2023 (inclusive).




The so-called "301 investigation" comes from Article 301 of the US Trade Act of 1974. The clause authorizes the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) to launch investigations into other countries' "unreasonable or unfair trade practices" and to recommend that the President of the United States impose unilateral sanctions after the investigation is completed. This investigation was initiated, investigated, adjudicated, and executed by the United States itself.


After May 31, 2023, among the original 81 excluded products,4 items will resume the 301 tax increase, and 77 items will continue to be exempted until September 30, 2023, identified by the new exclusion identification code 9903.88.68.


Four additional 301 taxes resumed






4818.90.0000 prior to July 1,2020;4818.90.0020 or 4818.90.0080 effective July 1,2020


Protective Articles (described in statistical reporting number 9004.90.0000 prior to January 1,2021; described in statistical reporting number 9004.90.0010 or 9004.90.0090 effective January 1,2021)


In addition, among the original 81 exempted products, excluding the above four products, 77 products will continue to enjoy the tariff exemption policy until September 30. If an importer has been paying Section 301 duties on any of the 77 COVID-19 tariff exemptions, the importer can request a refund of the Section 301 duties, as long as the goods have not been liquidated, or within 180 days of liquidation.