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Maersk container ship attacked, explosion near a merchant ship in the Red Sea!

Karen 2024-06-14 12:17:09

Maersk container ship attacked, explosion near a merchant ship in the Red Sea!

British maritime security firm Embry said a merchant ship reported an explosion near it in the Red Sea, about 19 nautical miles west of the Yemeni port city of Ha.

Separately, Britain's Office of Maritime Trade Operations said it had been notified of two explosions near a vessel 27 nautical miles south of Mocha. The office said in a statement that no damage had been reported, that all crew members were safe and that the ship was on its way to its next port of call.sea shipping from China to Europe

It was not immediately clear whether the two explosions reported by Embry and the Office of Maritime Trade Action were the same incident.door to door shipping 
In its briefing, Embry said the merchant ships it reported fit the profile of targets targeted by Houthi forces in Yemen. The Houthis have been attacking ships off the coast of Yemen for months. Embry said the vessel was en route from Europe to the United Arab Emirates and did not send an automatic vessel identification system signal.DDP DDU

In addition, according to CCTV news, on the evening of the 5th local time, Yahya Saria, a military spokesman for the Houthi armed forces in Yemen, said that the Houthi armed forces in the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea again launched three attacks against passing ships.

Two of the operations in the Red Sea targeted two freighters bound for Israel, while the other targeted an American cargo ship in the eastern Arabian Sea. The Houthis used missiles and drones in all three attacks.

Yahya Sariah said in a statement that three military operations were carried out in the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea, and two in the Red Sea. The group used missiles and drones to attack the cargo ships Roza and Vantage Dream, which were sailing in the Red Sea and had visited Israeli ports in the past few months.

In addition, the Houthis also launched several drones to attack a U.S. container ship "Maersk Seletar" sailing in the Arabian Sea.

After a new round of Israeli-Palestinian conflict broke out in October last year, Yemen's Houthi armed forces used drones and missiles to repeatedly attack targets in the Red Sea waters. In early May, the Houthis in Yemen said they would expand their strikes in the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean against all ships of companies that had done business with Israel in the past few months, regardless of their nationality or the port of destination.

Maersk said in a recent report that the impact of the situation in the Red Sea is continuing to cause disruption across the industry. Maersk expects the industry disruption caused by the Red Sea crisis to continue until the third quarter of 2024.

At the same time, Maersk has also seen some operational constraints, such as increased waiting times for vessels and high yard density at transit hubs

All of these effects add up to a loss of berthing places for ships in Asian ports, as well as various knock-on effects in other regions such as India, the Middle East, and transatlantic trade. For example, Alphaliner reports that Asia-Europe trade is short of 10% of its standard capacity. To bridge the gap, the shipping industry would need about 36 additional vessels to keep the trade going every week.

Maersk noted that from January 2024, about 25 percent of global capacity was diverted from the Red Sea, adding thousands of miles and increasing transit times to two weeks.