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Facing a general strike, Amazon UK peak season logistics or affected!

Souhangwang https://www.sofreight.com/school/souhang_information_article?id=65939 2023-10-13 14:41:22

Facing a general strike, Amazon UK peak season logistics or affected!


More than 1,000 workers at Amazon's Coventry warehouse in the UK will stage a four-day strike next month in a dispute over pay.

The GMB union said the strike would take place between November 7-9 and November 24, also known as Black Friday.

Amazon recently announced that it would increase the pay of its warehouse workers in the UK. Amazon said that from October 15, basic pay for frontline operations staff will rise to between £11.8 and £12.50 an hour, depending on where they work.

In addition, Amazon also promised that by April 2024, Amazon will further increase workers' wages, expected to increase to £12.3 to £13 per hour, the specific wage is subject to negotiation.

But workers at British warehouses were clearly unhappy with Amazon's pay rise, with GMB union organiser Rachel Fagan saying the news "will bring little comfort to the thousands of Amazon workers who face low pay, unsafe working conditions and workplace surveillance." He added that the strike was aimed at "forcing one of the most powerful companies in the world to raise wages, and Amazon can and must do better."

Previous strikes have been costly for Amazon, but the strike at the Coventry warehouse is more special because it coincides with the annual shopping extravaganza, Black Friday

- According to previous experience, during the Black Friday promotion every year, Amazon's warehouse in Coventry, UK, is "full", if there is no participation of Amazon employees, the efficiency of the warehouse will decline, on the other hand, even under normal conditions, the error rate of Amazon FBA inventory management is 1%~1.25%. If the problem of shortage of personnel is also encountered in the case of soaring orders in the peak season, the error rate of the warehouse is likely to be greatly increased, and problems such as lost pieces, damaged goods, and incorrect distribution will also occur frequently.

In addition, logistics is a key part of the peak season sales, in the face of this inevitable strike action in the peak season, the relevant sellers on the Amazon platform will always pay attention to the development of the event, timely understand Amazon's logistics arrangements in the region during the peak season, and make adequate logistics options to ensure the smooth implementation of orders in the peak season and reduce the impact of the strike on sales.