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Blockbuster! 2023 Amazon Black Five network a big promotion time has been announced

Souhangwang https://www.sofreight.com/school/souhang_information_article?id=65932 2023-10-13 14:58:23

Blockbuster! 2023 Amazon Black Five network a big promotion time has been announced


November and December are the months when consumers around the world go on a shopping spree. Sellers are also looking forward to great results during BlackFriday and Cyber Monday

Recently, 2023 Amazon Black Five network one site activity schedule announced, from now on, grasp the end of the peak season traffic of the last wave of opportunities, with FBA first transport inventory, to help cross-border businesses prepare for the promotional season!

What exactly does Black Five mean?

"Black Friday" "Net One" is the abbreviation of "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday", "Black Friday" was originally a special event held in the United States after Thanksgiving. On this day, foreign shopping malls will carry out large-scale sales, because there is a habit of recording deficits with red pen and recording profits with black pen, so it is called "Black Friday", which gradually spread around the world

Cyber Monday is usually the Monday after Thanksgiving, when people return to work after the Thanksgiving holiday and buy items online to give back to friends and family during the holiday.

Many businesses will launch large promotional activities on this day to attract customers

FBA first leg transportation mode inventory

Amazon FBA(Fulfilment by Amazon) is an Amazon service, translated into Chinese is "Amazon logistics", FBA first journey is synonymous with FBA for Chinese cross-border e-commerce sellers to Amazon warehouse service.

To put it simply, the seller will directly transport the product inventory sold on Amazon to the warehouse of the target market of Amazon, and after receiving the order through the platform, Amazon will provide logistics services such as picking, packaging, distribution, collection, customer service, and return processing, and charge a certain fee.

Amazon FBA only provides warehousing and distribution services in the local area. If you want to convert the existing inventory into Amazon FBA inventory, domestic sellers need to transport their goods to foreign warehouses through FBA front-end service

FBA front-end service refers to the domestic logistics service provider responsible for transporting the seller's goods to the Amazon FBA warehouse, and providing a series of services such as customs clearance and tax payment. Through air, express, rail, sea and other transportation methods, the goods of Chinese cross-border sellers will be transported from China to the designated Amazon warehouses in Canada, Japan, Germany, the United States, France, the United Kingdom and other countries, and provide corresponding value-added services to help sellers who use the Amazon global store project FBA service

Sellers will give priority to products delivered by Amazon when purchasing items. Therefore, when the products are the same and the delivery methods are different, FBA will rank higher and the delivery time will be faster, which can avoid negative comments caused by logistics to a certain extent.

Specific mode of transportation inventory

1, FBA air plus head

The freight forwarding company will ship the goods directly to the destination country by air through its own channels, and then the freight forwarding cooperative delivery agency in the destination country will deliver the goods on behalf of the freight forwarder.

Cost: The cost is relatively high, the quantity of goods has a corresponding discount

Reference aging: 7-10 days, the aging is stable

Safety: Five stars

2. FBA shipping first journey

Cost: Minimum

Reference time: Long transit time

Safety: Three stars

Compared with air freight and international express delivery, sea freight is the cheapest and cost-effective, so it is welcomed by most cross-border e-commerce sellers.

However, it is highly susceptible to natural weather and other aspects, resulting in prolonged transportation time, and it is recommended to choose goods with low timeliness requirements and transport large goods.

3, international express

International express is the shortest transportation time, good service and fastest time among the above ways. But it's also the most expensive.

Cost: Maximum

Reference time: fastest

Safety: Five stars

Precautions for using FBA

1. The seller first converts the transportation mode of the listing that needs to send FBA in the background

2. Confirmation of customs duties and customs clearance documents before delivery: name of goods, customs code, material use of goods, pictures of goods, etc.

3, product weight and packaging size, need to fill in accurately

4, product label and outer box label, label consistent with the actual item

5. Track the quantity of incoming storage.

6. Complete bar code.

FBA helps sellers prepare goods in advance, ship goods into warehouses before the big push, make adequate inventory preparations, and smoothly participate in the event.

"Black Friday" as another major holiday after Prime Day, cross-border sellers seize this opportunity to achieve order volume growth targets at this key node.