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Sunny Worldwide Logistics Great Women List

Polly Sunny Worldwide Logistics 2022-03-09 12:08:30

Today is March 8 International Women's Day.


Historically, we had Wu Zetian who was good at governing the country; In modern times, Chairman Mao put forward that "women hold up half the sky" and highly recognized women's abilities; Now more and more women are participating in political, economic and social development; At the Winter Olympics, we also saw a number of outstanding female athletes such as Gu Ailing...


At Sunny Worldwide Logistics, we also have female leaders who are like fathers and mothers, teachers and friends.


Chairman: Yang Yunping (Alice Yang)


Sunny Worldwide Logistics Great Women List

Alice Yang is the founder of Sunny Worldwide Logistics. It has been 24 years since its establishment in 1998.

It is hard to imagine the hard work of starting a business in Shenzhen. She once told us, "Shenzhen does not believe in tears". At the beginning, there were only a few people in the company, and she did everything herself. To this day, what we see is a company that is well-versed, well-resourced, well-benefits, and well-managed.

She is the decision maker of our major events, and the company's plans and prospects become clearer with her participation; she is also a model of caring for employees, and the company's children's education fund system reflects her emphasis on the education of employees' children; Under the influence of Alice, Sunny Worldwide Logistics actively participates in charity performances to give back to the society, and is an enterprise with great caring and social responsibility.


Vice President of Business: Lin Xiang (Susan Lin)


Sunny Worldwide Logistics Great Women List

Sister Lin can be said to be one of the great heroes of Sunny Worldwide Logistics. She has always regarded serving customers well as her work purpose.

If there is a big problem that cannot be solved in work, it is always right to look for Susan Lin. She has more than ten years of experience in the field of international freight forwarding, and can discover the essence of details to solve problems, which has won praise from many customers.

She said that you must be proactive in doing business. For more than ten years, this enthusiasm has never faded, and she has been working hard in her position and putting service awareness into action. When a new employee is hired, she also does her due diligence and tries to pass on her experience to the new employee as much as possible.


Vice President of Operations: Liu Wufeng (Jane Liu)


Sunny Worldwide Logistics Great Women List

Our kind Jane Liu is also one of the employees who have been with Sunny Worldwide Logistics for the longest time.

Sister Liu left her youth in Sunny and found her career pursuit here. She leads the operation department to handle related work, and has become a solid and reliable force that cannot be ignored by the logistics department of Sunny Worldwide Logistics.

Jane Liu's operation experience is specialized and refined, and she has also dealt with many problems. As an operator, she understands how to find a balance between the business and the work of our peer companies and agents. For Jane Liu, we only have respect and admiration.


We all affectionately call the three leaders "sisters" because we definitely feel that we have received their care in our work and life. Not only the three of them, no matter male or female, they are cared for here no less than their relatives.


In addition, more than half of the company's employees are women. I wish you, me and thousands of them, Happy Women's Day! May you be beautiful all your life!


Sunny Worldwide Logistics Great Women List