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"Suddenly"! There is something new!

"Suddenly"! There is something new!

Polly Sunny Worldwide Logistics 2022-01-06 17:32:10

About Sunny Worldwide Logistics


Today, the three teams of the Sunny Worldwide Logistics sales department (except Team Dark Horse) Team Premiership, Team Flame, and Team Sword have completed the selection of interns.


In fact, yesterday, the leaders of the three teams, Jack, Blair and Ricky, also had a sparkling competition. "Why choose our team?" "How will I help you?" "What will you gain?" …… Demonstration on this series of questions one by one, in order to seize the opportunity to fully demonstrate the advantages of the team and individuals to exuding charm. 


The PPT made by Jack, an air freight professional, spent a "precious" hour showing:

Achievements of the team's-completed basic goals and goals for the whole year;

The growth of the team members-both the rookie king and the high-quality customer service provider are in the team;

Team atmosphere-humorous, friendly, harmonious, united and mutually helpful, and grow together; all members of Team Premiership are willing to share the methods of serving customers and the successful experience of maintaining customers; for the bad things, they will also summarize and share the shortcomings. Learn from each other

Future gains-the whole team will try their best to assist the newcomers and get their growth.

Convinced or not?


Blair's "Why Choose Us" came with a blow. Why choose Team Flame?

-9 years of industry experience; (First Kill)
-VIP customer cooperation has been over 8 years; (Double Kill)
-The basic knowledge of the main market business is solid. Current customer shipment markets: US door to door, UK, Australia, Canada sea and air transport, European railway, which highly consistent with the company's main market, skilled in business; (Triple Kill)
-Leading experience: More than 5 years of leading experience. Jack above was from Team Flame and was promoted from a salesman to a supervisor in less than 3 years. (K.O)

Enough or not?


Ricky, the leader of Team Sword, who is worthy of certification:

-Won many personal annual, quarterly and monthly championships;
-More than 10 years of industry experience;
-Good at handling major customers such as charter flights and exhibitions;
-Lock in this year's championship team in advance;
-More advantages are waiting for you to unlock...

Cool or not?


Sure enough, you are doing business. Only by clarifying your own characteristics and giving full play to your advantages can you give people a deep impression. After the end, the interns will select their own team of intentions. Today, the interns do their own presentations, and the team makes choices.

It has to be said that although these interns are only half of their feet in the society, but the language expression ability, self-analysis ability, independent thinking ability, breakthrough and innovation ability are very outstanding, so the conference room staged a "grabbing battle".

The final result was that Riley and Lasuary entered the Team Sword.


Samira and Vina entered the Team Premiership.


Iris and Christine joined Team Flame.


However, there are no obvious boundaries between teams. We welcome cross-team communication. As long as you can learn something, you can learn it the same. We hope they will constantly refresh their upper limit here and realize your own value!


About Shenzhen Port

Have you heard? Shenzhen Port Xiaomo International Logistics Port is now open!

December 28 can be said to be a day of historic significance. A blue container with the words "Shenzhen Port Xiaomo International Logistics Port opened the first container" was lifted by a 40t43m-45t30m portal crane (referred to as "door crane") rise.

“This port opening operation activity marks the breakthrough of Xiaomo International Logistics Port from 0 to 1 and demonstrates the rapid change in the construction speed of major Shenzhen-Shantou transportation projects.” Shenzhen Municipal Transportation Bureau said.


Future logistics activities in Shenzhen will benefit even more from the opening of a new port, and Sunny Worldwide Logistics may also ship from this port. As long as customers have needs, we will take their needs into consideration and give the best solution.


Data source and reference:
Economic Observer.com, Li Jingheng, "Shenzhen Port Xiaomo International Logistics Port Opens, Proposed to Build the Eastern Gateway Port of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area"