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November PK Awards in Sunny Worldwide Logistics

Polly Sunny Worldwide Logistics 2021-11-22 16:31:40

In November, some people were fighting on the online shopping mall, and some people were competing in the PK field. Let's see who of Sunny Worldwide Logistics kills the audience in seconds?

First, let's give it up for the host, Ricky!

November PK Awards in Sunny Worldwide Logistics


Team Sword:

November PK Awards in Sunny Worldwide Logistics


In addition to regular shipments, Ricky also followed up on the process of loading and unloading, customs declaration, take-off and landing in real-time on charter projects. In order to let customers know the transportation status of their goods in time, he is actually a role model in Sunny Worldwide Logistics!


Alex continues to maintain a good cooperative relationship with regular customers. If you choose a bad seller or bad product on the internet, it will cause subsequent returns and bad reviews. But Alex has the advantages of price and space, and the customer repurchase rate is high. It can be said that it is a product + word of reputation double certification!

Revin has been working silently, learning from the two seniors. Our company is very confident in the newcomer, and believes that we had not chosen the wrong person, waiting for the day when his strength will explode.


Team Flame:

November PK Awards in Sunny Worldwide Logistics



Blair is still the Blair. Although there is a slight obstacle in the driving test, it can't stop the fruitful and stable record in the PK conference this time. Her VIP clients still trust her, and the containers are delivered to their homes. However, the recent notice of LA/LB's surcharge and unstable market conditions have made Blair think about how to make shipments to new and regular customers smoother.


Team Dark Horse:

November PK Awards in Sunny Worldwide Logistics



Team Dark Horse is strong. Facts have proved that the team can be continuously upgraded with one mind. Kyrie became the monthly champion, and after helping Ricky out of the two containers last month, his condition really changed.

November PK Awards in Sunny Worldwide Logistics


The "head teacher" Michael's previous plan for the team members had been completed well, and each team member was looking forward to moving towards a higher level of freight forwarding services. The additional costs incurred by the port of destination in the past have a certain impact on us, but it will not affect our vision of the future that contains opportunities after the crisis has passed.


Team Greatness:

November PK Awards in Sunny Worldwide Logistics



Let me start with the good news (the good news is not too much lately~): Luna, a major charter flight operator, has successfully set off the fifth KUL anti-pandemic materials charter flight this month, striving to contribute more to the fight against the pandemic and to return more peace to the world.


I can often hear Luna and the team members discussing the plan, and the degree of seriousness is extraordinary. It is believed that under the leadership of Luna, Jim and Mikey have more professional skills to serve customers with diverse needs.


Team Premiership:

November PK Awards in Sunny Worldwide Logistics



Don't be scared by Jack's oppressive eyes, in fact, he is just a responsible and gentle captain. Although Team Premiership's record is not as good as other teams, but they are constantly narrowing the gap. If you have any questions about international transportation, you can always find the answer here.


November PK Awards in Sunny Worldwide Logistics



Vice President Susan Lin once again emphasized the importance of focusing on details. The data of customer goods must be carefully counted by categories, so as to speed up work efficiency and provide support for subsequent work arrangements. Then there is the issue of LA/LB charging surcharges. According to the process and rules, remind customers, so that customers can fully understand the current situation and arrange shipments. There are so many difficulties, but have we encountered fewer difficulties in the past two years? Haven't we all overcome it one by one?

Whether it is Big Sale or Shopping Festival or not, we are still here. Don't worry about missing a thigh shot, just ask Sunny Worldwide Logistics to ship it out if you have stock! Sunny Worldwide Logistics is not only a choice, but also a long-term companion.