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MSC promises to the Ministry of Transport of China: fully expand the Chinese market

MSC promises to the Ministry of Transport of China: fully expand the Chinese market

Polly China Communications News Network, Shipping Network, Shipping Gazette, MSC Mediterranean Shipping 2022-03-16 22:06:39

Recently, Zhao Chongjiu, Vice Minister of Transport, met with Soren Toft, the global CEO of Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), by video. The two sides exchanged views on topics such as the development of international shipping.


During the meeting, Soren Toft introduced MSC's global and business development in China. Soren Toft said that the Chinese market has played a very important role in the rapid growth of MSC's business. Thanks to the strong support from China's transportation authorities over the years, MSC attaches great importance to the Chinese market and is full of confidence in China's pandemic prevention and control and future economic development. MSC will continue to expand investment in China, strengthen cooperation with more Chinese enterprises and scientific research institutions, and provide better services for MSC's global customers.



Soren Toft said: "MSC has been a staunch supporter of China's import and export trade since entering the Chinese market. Despite the impact of the pandemic, we have maintained our firm commitment to the Chinese market. MSC has adjusted routes in a flexible manner and continue to launch new routes to meet the rapidly changing market demand. We will continue to make efforts to ensure the security of the global supply chain.”


Zhao Chongjiu introduced the development prospects and plans of China's shipping industry to Soren Toft. Zhao Chongjiu said that the Ministry of Transport of China will continue to encourage and support international shipping companies, including MSC, to carry out various forms of mutually beneficial cooperation with Chinese companies and scientific research institutions. It is hoped that MSC will continue to increase investment in shipping capacity in China's shipping market, strengthen cooperation with Chinese import and export enterprises, and stabilize the international shipping logistics supply chain.


Zhao Chongjiu further stated that in the future, he hoped that MSC would seize the historical opportunity period of China's further opening up, continue to give full play to its own advantages, expand the potential of China's market, and achieve better performance, while also making new contributions to China's economic and social development and global economic recovery.



During the video meeting, the two sides also exchanged views on topics such as the global shipping market and global supply chain security in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.


It is understood that MSC entered the Chinese market as early as 1997 and has made large-scale investments in fields including shipbuilding, container shipping, ground logistics, cruise ships and terminal operations.


In order to meet the growing import and export demand, MSC has opened a number of routes from China to the West of the United States. At the same time, MSC has vigorously developed sea-rail combined transportation services in the Chinese market. In addition, as the world's largest container shipping company by capacity, MSC has also signed a large number of newbuilding orders with Chinese shipyards, and plans to order more ships in China in the future.


In January 2022, MSC also announced that it will cooperate with Shanghai Port Group (SIPG) to jointly build the "Shanghai Port Northeast Asia Empty Container Transportation Center" Yangshan Yard Project.