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Is it difficult to do international logistics?

Polly Sunny Worldwide Logistics 2022-01-26 16:08:14

Sunny Worldwide Logistics Report:


1. How to write a good development letter


In 2022, in addition to leading the sales department to start a new competition mode, Michael, the manager of the sales department, has now started another fire: how to write a good development letter.


Is it difficult to do international logistics?

Is it difficult to do international logistics?


A development letter is the door that opens the door to the client connecting with us, and first impressions are very important.


The current situation in the logistics industry is turbulent and full of drama. First, the Corona Virus pandemic, the Delta Variant and now the Omicron are stirring up the global economy. The space is hard to find, and it is difficult for buyers to purchase and ship. Solving the shipping needs of customers has become the focus of our work.


The contents that Michael shared today can be described as textbook level. First, start with the newcomer's development letter, brainstorm suggestions for revision, and then elicit the purpose and method of writing the development letter. In the development letter, the content is the soul, and empathy is very important. When customers have transportation needs, we need to understand and explore what solutions we can provide.


It is also very important to possess good mentality when writing a development letter. We will not get a reply from the customer immediately, but our advantages and targeted services may make the customer's eyes shine, and let the customer know that we are a group of professional, attentive and keen-sense freight forwarders, then there would be a story following.


This training provided new ideas and perspectives for the sales of Sunny Worldwide Logistics to write development letters, refined our own selling points, combined our own advantages, and wrote our own unique development letters, showing our unique service style.


2. Frontline report of Sunny Worldwide Logistics trailer driver's outbound warehouse


The queuing situation of foreign shipping warehouse is as follows:

Is it difficult to do international logistics?


Is it scary? As the Spring Festival is approaching, people and goods are also transported during the Spring Festival. Our trailer driver feedback said that it is estimated that it will not be unloaded until the the next.


Logistics Market news reports:
"The 5G frequency band in the United States has been activated, and airlines have significantly canceled 777 flights." ( reference: sina.cn )
For our logistics industry, the market changes too fast, and we have to respond to various emergencies. Take the air transportation of anti-epidemic materials as an example, if commercial flights are cancelled and the transportation of anti-pandemic materials requires a time limit, cargo owners with large quantities can try charter flights, killing two birds with one stone. Sunny Worldwide Logistics will provide the cargo owner with the most reasonable and effective solution at the moment. Seeing the smooth arrival of the cargo owner's goods, there will be a feeling of emotion: this may be the meaning of freight forwarding.
Is it difficult to do international logistics?
Is it difficult to do international logistics?