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Good news! Yantian Port opened a temporary storage yard of 40,000 square meters to resolve peak export pressure

Polly www.guanwuxiaoer.com 2021-09-27 11:45:09

In order to meet the 2021 National Day Golden Week export peak, relieve pressure on the Yantian port area, and ensure the stability of foreign trade transportation, with the great attention of the Yantian District Party Committee and the District Government, various departments of the Yantian District Government have effectively collaborated to build a land of approximately 40,000 square meters. It was temporarily leased to Yantian International as a temporary storage yard, and various procedures and pre-construction were completed within 4 days, and it was officially delivered for use on September 22.



The shipping supply chain slows down, and the pressure on the yard in Yantian Port has increased


The overseas pandemic continues to spread, coupled with the current peak season for traditional exports in southern China, insufficient space, chaotic schedules and delays have become the norm. As China's important import and export trade portal, on the one hand, Yantian International strictly complies with the pandemic prevention and control requirements of governments at all levels to build the "first line of defense" for foreign defense imports; Optimize operation procedures, etc., and continue to improve production efficiency. In August, the throughput rose to 1.25 million TEUs, and the port production in September will further climb.


Since Yantian Port is the last port of call for international liners in South China, under the new normal of container shipping, a large number of exported heavy containers and international transit containers are stranded in the port area for a long time. In severe cases, the average container storage time is about three times that of normal conditions. In the port area, there has been a ubiquitous "container" "grand event", and the shortage of storage yards has become a new pressure that affects the current port production and foreign trade exports.



Yantian District Government mobilizes idle plots to ease the pressure on container stacks in the port area


Entering September, Yantian Port is about to usher in the peak of shipments before the National Day, and urgently resolving the pressure on the storage yard has become a top priority to ensure the stability of foreign trade transportation in the near future. Faced with the huge pressure from the shortage of storage yards, Yantian International actively communicated to the competent government departments and applied to the Yantian District Government on September 9 for the lease of the idle land parcels located northwest of the intersection of Shenyan Road and the viaduct of the Bonded Area as temporary storage yards to ease the situation of stacking containers. After understanding the current situation, the Yantian District Party Committee and the district government attached great importance to it, and the Yantian District Urban Renewal and Land Development Bureau promoted the review of the Yantian International Application. The special meeting on September 17 reviewed and agreed to temporarily lease about 40,000 square meters of land to Yantian International as a temporary storage yard.


Since then, Yantian District Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Yantian District Urban Renewal and Land Development Bureau, Yantian District Planning and Land Supervision Bureau, Yantian District Urban Management Bureau, Yantian Sub-district Office, Yantian Planning and Resources Bureau, Yantian Vehicle Management Office and Shenzhen Yantian Comprehensive Bonded Zone Economy The development service center and other departments collaborated efficiently, completing various procedures and pre-construction within 4 days, and was officially delivered to use on September 22.



During the National Day Golden Week, facing the export peak is the focus of the most attention of the international logistics industry. This year's situation is even more special. The global supply chain is full of uncertainties under the pandemic. As an important port that undertakes one-third of Guangdong's foreign trade exports, the rapid commissioning of temporary land can effectively alleviate the shortage of land in the port area. At present, Yantian International has planned to place approximately 7000 TEUs of empty containers in this temporary land in an orderly manner to free up more port yard space to accommodate heavy export containers.