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Burst! About 40 containers of a container ship fell into the water, and the containers on board caught fire. It used to call many major ports in China.

Jim Sunny Worldwide Logistics 2021-10-26 16:00:53
Last Friday, a container ship "Zim Kingston" encountered bad weather and sea conditions on its way to Vancouver. The ship tilted, causing about 40 containers on board to fall into the water. After the ship broke down in the waters near Vancouver's Victoria Harbour, the container on board caught fire.

The container ship "Zim Kingston" built in 2008, with a capacity of 4253TEU, is owned by Danaos. The ship is now leased to Stars for a long-term lease of USD 25,500 per day until April 2023.

The ship is currently deployed on the ZP9 service of Star Shipping, which calls at Kaohsiung Port, Xiamen Port, Yantian Port, Ningbo Port and Shanghai Port, and then Busan Port and Vancouver.

The U.S. Coast Guard stated that the container ship loaded with cargo was on its way to Vancouver. Due to the rough sea at the time, the ship tilted. About 40 containers fell into the water at the mouth of the Juan de Foco Strait.

The falling star container seen from a helicopter on Friday (Credit: U.S. Coast Guard)
After the box fell into the water, the container ship Zim Kingston broke down in the waters near Vancouver's Victoria Harbour. The next day (last Saturday), the container on the ship caught fire. The Canadian Coast Guard said that 10 containers caught fire, and two of them contained potassium amylxanthate, a dangerous substance used in mining.

Sixteen crew members were evacuated from the ship, and five others stayed on the ship to put out the fire. The Canadian Coast Guard set up an emergency zone within one nautical mile of the ship, warned that the fire was "discharging toxic gases" and reported that two more containers had fallen into the sea.

On Saturday night, cool the hull with cold water (Source: Canadian Coast Guard)
Marine traffic vessel positioning data showed that three ships were assisting in the fire fighting on Sunday: the tugboat Seaspan Raven and the offshore supply ships Maersk Trader and Maersk Tender.

The Canadian Coast Guard explained: “Overnight, the tugboat Seaspan Raven sprayed cold water on the hull to cool the hull. Due to the nature of the chemicals in the container, water cannot be poured directly to extinguish the fire.” Fire fighting is still ongoing on Sunday, Canadian Coast Guard The team representative said that the fire was smoldering.

The Coast Guard is still tracking the falling containers, which will be recovered by the salvage company hired by the shipowner.

As the "bomb cyclone" hits the west coast of North America, weather conditions are expected to deteriorate further. On Sunday and Monday, wind speeds around Victoria Harbour exceeded 40 miles per hour, and torrential rains are expected in Auckland, with wind speeds of up to 45 miles per hour, and the seas near the two ports are dangerous.

Even if the fire on Sunday is basically extinguished, the impact on the environment will be minimal, but the consequences of Zim Kingston's accident will be huge. Shippers of undamaged containers on board will face long delivery delays, and the ship itself may be out of service for a long period of time, which may have a negative impact on Yixing’s cargo volume in the fourth quarter of 2021.