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What is special cargo by air?

Souhangwang https://www.sofreight.com/news_64759.html 2023-09-08 14:29:17

What is special cargo by air?


Air freight has the advantages of fast timeliness and high safety, but air freight also has certain restrictions. Of course, regardless of any mode of transportation, the transportation objects have such classifications: general cargo and special cargo.

So in air freight, what does special cargo mean?

01 Air freight special cargo

Special air freight refers to goods that cannot be transported by ordinary air freight. These special shipments require extra attention and special shipping arrangements to ensure they are delivered safely and efficiently to their destination.

Special cargo refers to those goods that cannot be transported during transportation due to the nature of the goods themselves (dangerous goods, fresh and perishable goods, goods with strong odors), value (valuable goods), volume (oversized goods) or weight (overweight goods). General term for goods subject to special restrictions.

02 Common precautions
1. For goods that the shipper requires to be transported urgently, with the consent of the carrier, urgent shipment can be handled, and urgent shipment freight will be charged in accordance with regulations.

2. Microbial products such as bacterial strains and bacterial culture media that are harmful to humans, animals and plants are not allowed to be transported without special approval from the Civil Aviation Administration of China.

3. Vaccines, bacterins, antibiotics, serum and other biological products that have been artificially manufactured, refined, and aseptically processed can be carried as general cargo if the shipper provides a sterile and non-toxic certificate. Microorganisms and harmful biological products should be stored and transported away from food.

4. The transportation of plants and plant products must be accompanied by a valid "phytosanitary certificate" issued by the plant quarantine department at or above the county level (inclusive) where the shipper is located.

5. The ashes should be packed in a closed plastic bag or other airtight container, plus a wooden box, and the outermost layer should be packed with cloth.

For different types of special air cargo, airlines and logistics companies usually provide specialized services and solutions to ensure that the cargo is properly handled during transportation, minimize risks, and ensure safe, efficient, and smooth delivery to the destination. land.

Therefore, for customers who need to transport special cargo by air, it is recommended to communicate with the airline or logistics company in advance to understand the relevant regulations and requirements and ensure that the corresponding transportation conditions are met.