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This route is very popular, and the freight rate has quadrupled! Many shipping companies flocked in!

Lian so fr IE confused.com 2023-04-18 17:46:37

With the current political situation in the world unstable, the United States has sanctioned Russia. Many shipping companies around the world have suspended operations, and the shipping route from China to Russia has been greatly affected. A number of container shipping companies led by Maersk have withdrawn from the Russian shipping market one after another. There was a market "vacuum" on the Asia-Russia route for a while, and the market was looking for ways to transport cargo from China to St. Petersburg. According to sources, the current container freight rate on this route has at least quadrupled on the basis of the freight rate of the mainstream China-Northern Europe route.


Under such circumstances, a number of shipping companies are shifting their operating focus to the China-Baltic route recently, while others are getting ready to go.



Image source: Global ports


Russian logistics company Transit LLC previously opened a route from China to Vladivostok by using several small ships of the 280-1,420 TEU class. According to the latest news, the company has also opened a route from China to Baltic. The maiden voyage used a 2169 TEU ship named XIN LONG YUN 86, which departed from Shanghai, called at Xiamen, Ningbo and Nansha, Guangzhou, then went to St. Petersburg, and then returned to China.


It is reported that Newnew Shipping is a shipping company under the logistics company Torgmoll, which has opened the Far East-St. Petersburg route. The company will arrange a total of five 2,500 TEU ships on this route. This route will call at Qingdao, Shanghai and Guangzhou and then go directly to St. Petersburg. The company already has an office in Moscow and will open another office in St. Petersburg later this year.


Safetrans and OVP Shipping launched the Far East-St. Petersburg route, which was originally operated by OVP alone. Recently Safetrans purchased a 4,252 TEU vessel named SFT TURKEY to join this circular route. With the addition of Safetrans, the density of this route will also be changed to once a week.


Of course, the Russian national shipping company FESCO will not miss this opportunity. FESCO has also recently opened a new route called "FESCO Baltorient Line", connecting China-St. Petersburg.


The voyage information about the ship shows that it is expected to arrive in St. Petersburg on April 25, and FESCO also plans to start another voyage from Rizhao on April 22.